Dive into Creativity: Fun and Easy Ocean Animal Crafts for Kids

Kiko Anderson
ocean animal crafts

We often struggle to find creative and engaging activities for our kids that will keep them entertained for hours. With long summer days stretching out ahead, we want to keep our kids away from their screens and engaged in fun and educational activities. So why not dive into the oceans and let them explore the world of ocean animals with these fun and easy crafts? Ocean animals are fascinating creatures that will captivate your child’s imagination, so get ready for some underwater adventure with these creative ocean animal crafts.

1. Paper Plate Jellyfish

This ocean craft is incredibly fun and easy! With just a few supplies, your kids can create their own beautiful jellyfish. You’ll need paper plates, paint, yarn, scissors, and googly eyes. Start by painting the paper plate with the color of your choice and let the paint dry. Then cut the tentacles from the bottom of the plate in a wiggly pattern and attach the yarn to the edge. Finally, add googly eyes to the top of the plate to create a face. This is a fun and interactive craft that kids will love playing with.

2. Kid Clay Sea Creatures

Clay Sea Creatures are another fun ocean animal craft idea for kids! There are many types of clay to work with, including air-dried and oven-baked. Choose the clay type that best suits your child and supplies needed for the project. The great thing about this craft project is that the possibilities are endless, let your kids use their imagination to model their favorite sea creatures or try following a tutorial. They can create little jellyfish or seahorses or even make a clamshell. Once their creation is ready and dry, they can paint on their designs!

3. Family Friendly Shark Suncatchers

Are your kids fascinated by sharks? Shark suncatchers are a great way to explore the world of sharks while also creating a beautiful piece of art. For the project, you’ll need tissue paper, clear contact paper, and shark templates. Cut the tissue paper into small shapes, then place them onto the contact paper in the shape of the shark of your child’s choice. Once they’re happy with the design, add another layer of contact paper to keep the pieces in place and display the suncatcher on a window or glass door.

4. Soda Bottle Octopus

Soda Bottle Octopus is an easy and environmentally friendly craft project. All you need is an empty soda bottle, scissors, and crepe paper. Cut the soda bottle in half and save the bottom part to create the head. Fill the bottle with sand or beads to give it weight and wrap crepe paper around the top to create eight tentacles. Then decorate it with eyes, and your child’s soda bottle octopus is ready to play!

5. Personalized Shell Picture Frame

This is another easy ocean craft project that features ocean animals. Let your kids collect some sea shells at the beach and then create a personalized picture frame. You’ll need a plain picture frame, glue, and the sea shells. Encourage your kids to be creative with their arrangements of the shells. The final creation can be a great reminder of your family’s summer beach trip.


Engaging in ocean animal crafts not only ignites your child’s creativity but also enhances their knowledge about the marine world. So, let your child immerse themselves in the realm of creativity and craft their own beautiful memories! To further ensure their safety and provide you with control, consider incorporating Troomi Wireless—a kid-safe phone that empowers parents with control. With Troomi Wireless, you can create a secure digital environment for your child. Combine the joy of ocean animal crafts with the safety and control of Troomi Wireless, fostering a balanced and enriching experience for your child’s growth and development.

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