Affordable plans for every family!



XGO3 Watch Plan
$ 13
  • Unlimited talk
  • Unlimited texting
  • Phone number safelisting
  • GPS family location app
  • Easy-to-use Parent Portal


Basic Plan
$ 19
  • Unlimited talk
  • Unlimited texting
  • Phone number safelisting
  • GPS family location app
  • Easy-to-use Parent Portal
  • Remote Text Monitoring


Text Images & Groups
$ 24
  • Unlimited talk
  • Unlimited texting
  • Phone number safelisting
  • GPS family location app
  • Easy-to-use Parent Portal
  • Remote Text Monitoring
  • Unlimited picture texting
  • Unlimited group texting


Most Popular Choice
$ 29
  • Unlimited talk
  • Unlimited texting
  • Phone number safelisting
  • GPS family location app
  • Easy-to-use Parent Portal
  • Remote Text Monitoring
  • Unlimited picture texting
  • Unlimited group texting
  • Access to KidSmart® Safe Browser
  • Access to KidSmart® Safe Apps

Safe apps make Troomi empowering!

Basic Apps


Basic Apps are available on any plan. Just like our KidSmart OS™ apps, you can control which are loaded onto to your child’s device and what times of day—and for how long—they are accessible. 


Dexcom Clarity

Dexcom G7

Easy Period


Omnipod 5

Simple Music Player

1 Password: Password Manager


Dexcom Follow


Digital Wellbeing


Music Player

Samsung Clock

Simple Voice Recorder


Dexcom G6


Google Maps

My Files

Simple Flashlight

Weather Widget

KidSmart® Apps


With the Discover Plan, your child will have access to our award-winning KidSmart® Apps. Highly recommended by the Troomi community and expertly vetted, our curated collection of apps is educational, encourages creativity and fosters endless fun.

Most KidSmart Apps are available over WiFi only to provide added peace of mind that your kids are accessing apps in safe places, like home, church and school. (GPS tracking and Google Maps are available anytime, anywhere.)

The list is growing every day, but here are the apps we have added so far.


Recommended for ages 13+

Organize your group on BAND! It’s the perfect group communication app, with features like the Community Board, Shared Calendar, Polls, To-Do Lists, Private Chat & much more!

Requires an account or subscription. Create your account and sign up for your subscription here:

Band Kids

Recommended for ages 6+

BAND for Kids is a group communication app designed for youth (ages 12 and under) to stay connected with their families, sports teams, scout troops, and more. BAND for Kids is a safe space for adolescents to interact within a private social platform, while allowing parents and guardians to moderate activity. 

Requires an account or subscription. Create your account and sign up for your subscription here:


Want the freedom of group texting without getting your phone blown up by a thousand texts? GroupMe is here to help. With GroupMe, you can connect with schoolmates, friends, coworkers, and family without extra data charges. GroupMe is a great way for teams and other groups to effectively share information with one another. So choose GroupMe for all of your group text needs!

  Marco Polo

Marco Polo combines the best of texting and video chats all in one private, easy to use app. Marco Polo is real, trusted and built to be good for you. This is an app that parents actually want their family to use. Marco Polo is designed to be for your closest friends and family. You can’t search and find anyone without their mobile number. Marco Polo is ad-free and does not collect your data. 

  Messenger Kids

Messenger Kids is a fun and safe way for your kids to connect with friends and family. With fun kid-friendly filters, sound effects, stickers, emojis, and GIFs, kids can message or video chat with parent approved users on both Messenger and Messenger Kids–all under the supervision of their parents! You can manager your kids’ contact list, monitor messages, set usage limits, and more from the Facebook Parent Dashboard.  Messenger Kids is free to use, there are no in app-purchases or ads, and even through its powered by Facebook, its a communication app, not social media! 

  Remind School Communication

Stay up to date on school and class announcements with Remind. Whether you’re at home or in class, Remind will keep you in the know about events, assignments, and announcements that your teacher(s) make.


ABCmouse is the award-winning learning program that covers reading, math, art, music, and more for kids ages 2 to 8. Created by teachers and education experts, it has 10,000+ exciting Learning Activities for children at all academic levels.

  Adventure Academy

Adventure Academy is an interactive learning program for kids from the creators of ABCmouse! Graduate your child from ABCmouse to Adventure Academy with this learning program for kids 8-13. The Founders of this prestigious school have created one of the world’s largest collections of educational games, books, learning challenges, and more, all designed to help strengthen children’s skills across thousands of key elementary and middle school learning objectives.

  Aeries Mobile Portal

The Aeries Mobile Portal is your child’s all in-one solution for academic management. It offers real-time access to essential information like class schedules, assignments, grades, and attendance updates. Aeries Mobile Portal streamlines the educational journey, making it the great companion app for academic success. 


Find a listen for every moment. Stories for every day. Audio entertainment is here. Indulge in a library full of binge-worthy audiobooks, exclusive podcasts, and bite-sized audio storytelling. Download and listen to books, series, and podcasts offline. Dive into engrossing true crime thrillers, mysteries, sci-fi series & fantasy, kids stories, meditation titles, memoirs, documentaries, and Audible Originals.

  Bb Classroom K12

With the Blackboard Classroom K12 Mobile App, you can:

  • Access your courses directly from your mobile device
  • Download content for offline access
  • Update your profile information
  • Receive course notifications and messages
  • As a student: view your course grades and awarded badges on your profile 

  Big Valley Christian School

The Big Valley Christian School app is your gateway to a vibrant educational community that fosters excellence in academics, faith, and character. Designed to enhance the experience for students, this app provides easy access to important school information and resources, ensuring that your child stays connected and informed. 

  BVCS Lions

The BVCS Lions app is an all-in-one hub for Big Valley Christian School students to stay informed and access academic resources. This app is your child’s passport to a thriving educational community, where excellence, values, and innovation come together to create an exceptional learning experience. 

Campus Student

Recommended for Ages 8+

Campus Student by Infinite Campus puts your school information at your fingertips. Real-time access to announcements, assignments, attendance, grades, schedules, and much more. Search for your district name and state or get an access code from your teacher. 

Canvas Student

Canvas is the perfect way for your child to keep track of their classes. They can submit assignments, see grades, watch videos, and keep track of course work with one app.

Class Dojo

Class Dojo is an educational app that brings together parents, teachers, and students to create a positive and engaging learning environment. With Class Dojo, the classroom experience extends beyond the school walls, connecting students and educators in a way that enhances the education journey for every child. Class Dojo provides real-time communication, access to homework and assignments, and more.

Carry a dictionary in your pocket with’s app; Whether you’re writing an essay or stumped by a word in a book, this app has your back. Get definitions, synonyms, antonyms, and a word of the day all for free with ads. on the app!


Want to learn a new language but not sure where to start? Duolingo is the perfect starting place. Study over 30 languages with a game-like interface that will help you improve vocabulary, speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. And what’s even better is it’s free with ads! So if you and your kids are looking for something to pass the time this summer, give Duolingo a try!


Epic is the largest digital library for children 12 and under with more than 40,000 titles. This fun, kid-safe, interactive reading app fuels curiosity and reading confidence by letting kids freely explore their interests, with instant, anytime access to a library of thousands of books, audiobooks, learning videos and more.

Requires an account or subscription.

Google Classroom

Learner or teacher, Google Classroom is the app for you. Google Classroom is a free and easy way to keep track of assignments, due dates, and projects. With Google Classroom, students no longer need to wonder when an assignment is due or what their grade is. With a quick check of the app, they can see all of their academic progress.

  Homer Learn and Grow

Expert-Designed, Kid-Powered, Playful Learning — Explore HOMER’s essential early learning app made to help kids build the confidence they need for school and life. Thoughtfully made for (and loved by) kids aged 2-8. Help your child learn to read with Homer Learn & Grow. Your child can learn sounds and words with fun characters and activities. Reading was never more enjoyable than with Homer Learn & Grow!

  Human Anatomy

Human Anatomy is an educational resource for learning about human anatomy. Explore the anatomy systems of the human body. Got a future doctor in the family? Help them get a head start on learning about the body with Human Anatomy! This app gives your child a free educational experience with the various functions of the body.


IXL is personalized learning! Trusted by over 1 million educators and parents, IXL is proven to accelerate student achievement. And with the award-winning IXL app, students can master skills anytime, anywhere! IXL is free to use but does have an optional premium subscription. 

  Khan Academy

Khan Academy is the quintessential educational app. With hundreds of courses on dozens of subjects, your child is sure to find the help they need. Is calculus a little tricky for them? Or maybe they can’t quite get the hang of their AP History class. Whatever it is, Khan has your child covered. What’s even better is, it’s completely free!

  Khan Kids

Khan Academy for Kids is exactly what every child needs in their education journey. Khan Academy offers free tutoring for any subject so your child can get the help they need to succeed in school. Best news? It’s ad-free and free-free!


Recommended for Ages 13+

Read anytime, anywhere. Find your next great read with Kindle. Choose from millions of Kindle books, magazines, audiobooks, and comics. Explore new releases and titles across genres like romance, science fiction, children’s books, self-help, religion, nonfiction, and more—and try any book with a sample in the app before you buy on 


All over the world, local libraries offer millions of ebooks and audiobooks. You can borrow them — for free, instantly — with a library card and Libby: the award-winning, much-loved app for libraries. Browse your library’s digital catalog of books. Borrow and enjoy ebooks, audiobooks, and magazines. Download titles for offline reading, or stream them to save space. Send ebooks to your Kindle. Use tags to create your must-read list and any other book lists you want. Keep your reading position automatically synced on all your devices.

  Little Alchemy

Start with four basic items and use them to find dinosaurs, unicorns and spaceships! Combine 4 different elements to make other elements. Discover how to make lava, explosions, and stone. If you’ve got a little scientist in the house, Little Alchemy is the app for you!

  Little Alchemy 2

Recommended for ages 6+

The crafting game is back with more items, fresh, new art styles, and charming music! Mix items and create the world from scratch! Discover exciting items accompanied by funny descriptions and lose yourself exploring. Featuring a completely new library and original soundtrack. Get to mixing with Little Alchemy 2!

  Orboot Earth

Orboot is a one-of-a-kind globe without any names or borders but various highlights to identify places with. It adds fun to learning by merging a physical globe with Augmented Reality through the Orboot App on smartphones and tablets. The Orboot app allows you to explore the Orboot globe in more depth, taking on the endless adventures and mysteries of mother Earth. Give learning a new twist with Orboot!

  PBS Kids Games

PBS Kids Games is a parent’s one-stop shop for educational games. This free app allows your kids to learn right along with their favorite TV characters. Make learning fun with PBS Kids Games.


PowerSchool is the fastest growing, most widely used student information system, serving tens of millions of students across the globe. PowerSchool Mobile improves parent engagement and student accountability with easy, instant access to real-time attendance, assignments, scores, grades, and more!

• Customize the dashboard to gather important information in one location
• Monitor changes to grades and attendance with push notifications
• Register to receive email alerts for grades, attendance, or assignments
• See real-time updates of grades and attendance
• View assignment details
• Review teacher comments
• Check the school’s daily bulletin board
• View a full course schedule
• Monitor meal and fee balances
• View a calendar showing all assignment due dates

Requires a PowerSchool account and a district code from your school to login. 

  Prodigy Math

Prodigy is a math game that’s loved by over a million teachers and 50 million students around the world. Math practice used to be a struggle, but not anymore. Prodigy Math delivers a unique learning experience through an interactive math game where success depends on correctly answering skill-building math questions. Players can earn rewards, go on quests and play with friends — all while learning new skills! With content that is tailored to every player’s strengths and weaknesses, Prodigy Math is always free to play and sure to help your kid expand their math skills. 


Designed with your child’s academic journey in mind, SchoolBinder is a dynamic education platform that empowers them to stay organized, focused, and on top of their studies. With SchoolBinder, you can support your child’s growth while fostering independence and responsibility. 


Schoology was designed to enhance communication, collaboration, and engagement between students, teachers, and parents. Schoology gives your child easy access to assignments, grades, class discussions, and resources. Keep in the loop and ensure your child’s education remains a rewarding and enriching adventure. 


Seesaw is a learning community for young learners to collaborate with their classmates, parents and teachers. This powerful multimodal learning tool is a valuable educational resource. With video, audio, drawing, text, and more, Seesaw fosters learning independence and academic ownership.  


Skyward Mobile Access helps your student keep track of their grades, progress, and other school information. Skyward Mobile Access can only be used if your child’s school has purchased their services. If your child’s school uses Skyward, your child may connect to the school through their Skyward account.  


Sora brings your child’s school library home by allowing kids in grades K–12 to borrow e-books and audiobooks directly from their school. With a few easy steps, your child can download assignments from their teacher or read their favorite books right on their Troomi phone.

Sora is free to use but requires a code and login information from your child’s teacher or school. Please contact your child’s teacher or local school district to acquire login information.


Does your little one need some extra help with school? Starfall is here to help. No matter if you’ve got a kindergartner or 3rd grader, Starfall will give them that extra tutelage they need. Starfall free has several activities to help your child learn their letters and how to read. You can even get a few math lessons for free. So get Starfall and start learning!


StudentSquare provides seamless communication between students, teachers, and schools. StudentSquare keeps your child in the loop with timely alerts on assignments and school news. Whether you need to access study resources,  collaborate with peers, or track your progress, StudentSquare has got you covered. 

StudentSquare is free to use but requires a login from your child’s school. Please contact your child’s teacher or your School District’s Administration office for information on accessing your child’s account.

  StudentVUE Mobile

StudentVUE Mobile helps students stay informed and connected by providing day-to-day insight into their own academic experience. StudentVUE works with the Synergy student information system allowing students to stay on top of upcoming school events, classroom happenings, assignments, tests, and academic performance. Students can view their classroom assignments and scores, attendance, transcripts, graduation status and more.

StudentVUE Mobile is a free for students using the StudentVUE web portal.

  7 Shifts: Employee Scheduling

7shifts Employee Scheduling is a work scheduling and communication app for those whose employers use this app. Now your working teen can access this essential app needed for their job right from their Troomi phone. They can check their work schedule, communicate with managers and coworkers, make availability and time-off requests, trade shifts and more. 

  Altametrics Schedules

Alametrics Schedules puts your child’s work schedule in their pocket. Now your working teen can access this essential app for their job right from their Troomi phone. They can check their work schedule, communicate with managers and coworkers, make availability and time-off requests, trade shifts, and more. 

  Amazon A to Z 

The Amazon A to Z app is your teens’ passport to opportunities. They can take charge of their part-time job, earnings, and work schedule at Amazon. Amazon A to Z is the key to staying organized and accessing important work-related information, and making the most of their employment experience. To use Amazon A to Z you must be an employee of Amazon with Amazon employee login credentials. Please contact your employer for information on accessing your account.


The Connecteam app puts your child’s work schedule in their pocket. Now your working teen can access this essential app for their job right from their Troomi phone. They can check their work schedule, communicate with managers and coworkers, make availability and time-off requests, trade shifts, and more. 


The Dayforce app puts your child’s work schedule in their pocket. Now your working teen can access this essential app for their job right from their Troomi phone. They can check their work schedule, communicate with managers and coworkers, make availability and time-off requests, trade shifts, and more. 

  Deputy Employee Scheduling

The Deputy Employee Scheduling app puts your child’s work schedule in their pocket. Now your working teen can access this essential app for their job right from their Troomi phone. They can check their work schedule, communicate with managers and coworkers, make availability and time-off requests, trade shifts, and more. 

  Homebase Employee Schedule & Time Clock

The Homebase Employee Schedule & Time Clock app puts your child’s work schedule in their pocket. Now your working teen can access this essential app for their job right from their Troomi phone. They can check their work schedule, communicate with managers and coworkers, make availability and time-off requests, trade shifts, and more. 

  HotSchedules Team

The HotSchedules Team app puts your child’s work schedule in their pocket. Now your working teen can access this essential app for their job right from their Troomi phone. They can check their work schedule, communicate with managers and coworkers, make availability and time-off requests, trade shifts, and more. 


The Me@Walmart app puts your child’s work schedule in their pocket. Now your working teen can access this essential app for their job right from their Troomi phone. They can check their work schedule, communicate with managers and coworkers, make availability and time-off requests, trade shifts, and more. 


Empower your child to take charge of their time and responsibilities with OnShift. They can see personalized schedules, reminders and notifications and interact with their managers and team. 


The OpenTimeClock app puts your child’s work schedule in their pocket. Now your working teen can access this essential app for their job right from their Troomi phone. They can check their work schedule, communicate with managers and coworkers, make availability and time-off requests, trade shifts, and more. 


Paylocity Mobile is your working child’s all in one place to check their work schedule, submit time off requests, message their manager, and more. Your child can get a quick overview of their work week and access the tools they need for their job. 

  Sling Employee Scheduling

The Sling Employee Scheduling app puts your child’s work schedule in their pocket. Now your working teen can access this essential app for their job right from their Troomi phone. They can check their work schedule, communicate with managers and coworkers, make availability and time-off requests, trade shifts, and more. 

  When I Work

The When I Work app puts your child’s work schedule in their pocket. Now your working teen can access this essential app for their job right from their Troomi phone. They can check their work schedule, communicate with managers and coworkers, make availability and time-off requests, trade shifts, and more. 


WhenToWork puts your child’s work schedule in their pocket. Now your working teen can access this essential app for their job right from their Troomi phone. They can check their work schedule, communicate with managers and coworkers, make availability and time-off requests, trade shifts, and more. 

  2 Player Games

If your child wants to play with a friend on the same device, this is the right game! They can challenge their friends with this collection of 2 player games and enjoy the beautiful graphics of the mini games! Or they can play against the computer to sharpen their skills.

  Angry Birds Journey

Join the Angry Birds on a magical Slingshot Adventure to recover the Egg Wonders!

Fling birds with the slingshot, and topple towers to solve puzzles and rescue adorable Hatchlings in this casual and easygoing slingshot game. Relax and unwind with the most fun and approachable Angry Birds game yet! Unite fireflies with their soulmates and solve many other dynamic puzzles.

  Animal Jam

Animal Jam is a captivating and educational online game designed to inspire creativity and curiosity in your child. Animal Jam provides a safe and imaginative virtual world where your child can embark on exciting adventures, make friends, and learn valuable lessons about nature, animals, and social interaction. 

  Ascend 2000 Series

Unlock the full potential of your Ascend 2000 drone with the Ascend 2000 Series app. Enjoy intelligent flight modes, live HD video feed, precise controls, safety features, and firmware updates. Elevate your aerial adventures today!

  Baseball 9

Baseball 9 is an engaging Baseball simulation game that brings the excitement of baseball to your child’s fingertips. This game offers a fun opportunity for your young athlete to step up to the plate, swing for the fences, and experience the thrill of America’s favorite pastime.

  Brawl Stars

Welcome to Brawl Stars, where your child can join the ultimate multiplayer battle arena! This action-packed game is filled with colorful characters, thrilling battles, and strategic gameplay that will keep your child entertained for hours. In Brawl Stars, your child can team up with friends or play solo as they engage in fast-paced 3v3 battles or epic Battle Royale showdowns. With a variety of game modes to choose from, including Gem Grab, Showdown, Heist, Brawl Ball, and more, there’s always a new challenge waiting to be conquered. 

  Chess Club

Chess Club Offline Board Game is a free chess game for kids 13 and older. Challenge your chess skills with 8 different levels of difficulty. The hint function helps you see the best possible move to improve your game and the stats feature gives you your game history so you can learn as you play. Have fun playing chess. Checkmate! 

  Chess for Kids

Learn to play chess with Chess for Kids, a beginner-friendly Chess app. Enjoy free chess games offline and challenge the chess bot! Learn both basic rules and advanced strategies of the world’s greatest brain game, chess. 

  Classic Solitaire

Classic Solitaire is a timeless card game that has captivated players for generations. With intuitive controls and a clean design, your child can enjoy the charm of this beloved single-player experience for free and with no ads. 

  Crossy Road

We might not know why the chicken crossed the road, but in Crossy Road, it’s up to you to get him safely to the other side. Crossy Road is a fun, free way for your child to relax.


He’s a radish… and also a dad. His kids have gone missing from the vegetable patch, and he needs your child’s help to find them! Explore an exciting world, face off with fast-food themed foes, and reunite Dadish with his missing children in this challenging platforming adventure.

  Disney +

Disney+ is the streaming home of your favorite stories. With unlimited entertainment from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic, there’s always something to explore. Watch the latest releases, Original series and movies, classic films, and TV shows with new stories added every week.
Requires an account or subscription.

  Dragons Rise of Berk

Welcome to the thrilling world of Berk, where your child can embark on an epic adventure alongside their favorite characters from the How to Train Your Dragon franchise. This captivating game allows players to build their own Viking village, raise and train dragons, and explore the captivating island of Berk.

  Dude Perfect

If your child  wants to have fun and laugh, then you’ve found the right place! Totally free, this ad-supported streaming service offers unlimited access to the entire Dude Perfect library!


Watch thousands of live events and shows from the ESPN networks plus get scores, on-demand news, highlights, and expert analysis. ESPN is free to use but does offer an optional premium subscription. 


Welcome to the world of GeoGuessr! Your child will embark on an epic journey that takes them from the most desolate roads in Australia to the busy, bustling streets of New York City. Search for signs, language, flags, nature, internet top domains, or just about any clue that can help your child find where they are.

  Good Pizza, Great Pizza

Has your child ever wanted to know what it feels like to run their own Pizza shop? Now they can as they do their best to fulfill pizza orders from customers while making enough money to keep their restaurant open. Upgrade their restaurant with new toppings, decor and kitchen equipment to compete against their pizza rival, Alicante!

  Happy Color

Whether you are looking for a creative outlet or some art therapy, Happy Color is the coloring platform for you. Happy Color is a free, digital paint-by-numbers coloring book, featuring a variety of designs including exclusive Disney and Marvel content. From  coloring games to art puzzles, this digital art app is fun and relaxing for people of all ages and lifestyles. 

  Hill Climb Racing

Play Hill Climb Racing and race your way uphill in this driving game, playable offline. Face challenges in unique hill climbing environments with a wide variety of cars to choose from. 


With Hoopla, your child’s screen time becomes a journey of fun and enrichment as they explore an extensive library of books, audiobooks, movies, TV shows, and more. Designed to cultivate a passion for learning, and offer age-appropriate content, Hoopla ensures that your child’s digital experiences are not only safe but also rewarding. 

  Lego Builder

LEGO® Builder is the free, official app to find and save digital LEGO® building instructions for your LEGO® construction sets. Build big or small with ultimate 3D modeling instructions from 2006 to today. Get creative and start building! 


Lyfoes are funny creatures who were recovered from a local science lab. Each family lives inside their own beaker home and watches with curious interest, peering out at the wonders of the world around. Until one evening, when a laboratory scientist’s nephew made his way inside and shuffled all the Lyfoes into random beakers. These little creatures have become super nervous without their relatives and need your help getting them back together.

  Madden NFL 24 Football

Kickoff for another season on Madden NFL 24 Mobile Football. Authentic sports game action, real-world events and mobile-first visuals await in the world’s most immersive NFL Football experience on mobile.  Madden 24 brings the highest-quality football experience with new, mobile enhancements and improved game visuals. Earn football superstars from your favorite NFL teams, including the defending champion Los Angeles Rams! While there is no violent content, football is a contact sport, so hard hits, tackles, and potential injuries are part of the game.

  My Singing Monsters

Welcome to the magical Monster World, where musical monsters reside. My Singing Monsters is a whimsical and melodious game that will captivate your heart and ears. Unleash your inner composer and create a harmonious symphony of adorable creatures each with their own unique musical talents.


Watch award-winning series, movies, and documentaries on the Netflix mobile app. Browse and stream new titles or search for favorites from anywhere. Worried about your kid seeing mature content? Create a Netflix Kids profile with robust parental controls! Filter content by age rating or block specific titles so your kids can have access to the shows they love without exposure to shows that aren’t ready for. 

  Plants vs Zombies

Get ready for a thrilling battle between flora and the undead in Plants vs. Zombies. Defend your home from hordes of brain-craving zombies with an arsenal of powerful plants in this strategic tower defense game. 

  Retro Bowl

Retro Bowl is the perfect game for the armchair quarterback to finally prove a point. Presented in a glorious retro style, the game has simple roster management, including press duties and the handling of fragile egos, while on the field you get to call the shots. Can you pass the grade and take your team all the way to the ultimate prize? Can you win the Retro Bowl?

  Retro Goal

Retro Goal is a fast and exciting mix of arcade Soccer action and simple team management. With graphics inspired by 16-bit era and the accuracy of modern touchscreen controls, you’ll be slotting away goal after goal with pixel-perfect precision. Choose a team from the world’s favourite leagues and recruit the superstars, professionals and hotheads who will lead you to victory!

  Rise of Berk

Welcome to the thrilling world of Berk, where your child can embark on an epic adventure alongside their favorite characters from the How to Train Your Dragon franchise. This captivating game allows players to build their own Viking village, raise and train dragons, and explore the captivating island of Berk.


Recommended for Ages 2+

Sensical is a free streaming services inspired by Common Sense Media. Every minute of content has been screened and approved, so you can have confidence that what your kids are watching is age-appropriate, educational, and features positive role models. Sensical is also free of inappropriate ads and includes 1000s of hand-selected, educational, and engaging videos for kids. Kids can scroll, tap, and follow along with Sesame Studios, PJ Masks, Peppa Pig, Super Simple, Thomas & Friends, Mother Goose Club, and many more. Sensical ParentZone gives you a closer look at what your kids are watching, what they’re learning, and how you can join in and take the lessons even further.

  Stumble Guys

Stumble Guys is a massive multiplayer party knockout game with up to 32 players online. Join round after round of escalating chaos to stumble through different levels until one victor is crowned! If you fall, just start again and run. Join the endless running fun! Dive into a series of ridiculous challenges and bizarre obstacles, knock down your rivals and overcome everything to win! 


Sudoku is a free offline number game with no ads. Your child will have fun while developing logical thinking skills and sharpening memory. Sudoku offers classic and jigsaw puzzles for a challenge. 

  Toca Kitchen

Running a restaurant was never easier with Toca Kitchen 2. You can whip up anything you can imagine and serve it to your customers. Shrimp and watermelon? Why not. Dragonfruit noodles? No one’s stopping you. So get out there and start your journey to becoming the world’s greatest chef with Toca Kitchen 2 for free!

  Toca Life World

Toca Life World is a vibrant and imaginative open-world game where you can explore a plethora of unique locations, create stories, and unleash your creativity. Embark on exciting adventures as you create your own stories and bring them to life by customizing your characters and environments. From the big city to the countryside, from magical kingdoms to far-off galaxies, there’s always something new to discover in Toca Life World. 


Enjoy modern word puzzles with word searching, anagrams, and crosswords! Immerse yourself into the beautiful scenery backgrounds to relax and ease your mind. Challenge yourself to connect letters and find as many hidden words as you can! Unlock stunning landscape backgrounds to escape from home and relax your brain.

  YouTube Kids

Youtube Kids gives children access to parent guided videos that encourage them to discover new and exciting interests and learn new skills while watching their favorite creators. With customizable settings and age-appropriate video libraries, YouTube Kids gives you control over what your kid can watch. Thanks to automated filters, human reviews, and feedback from parents, the videos on YouTube Kids are safe and family-friendly. Parents and caregivers can also set time limits, block videos, and review watch history to help ensure a safer online experience for their children. 


  Family Locator

Family Locator lets you stay linked to your family members during the day. Family location tracker uses your phone’s native GPS tracker to ensure family safety, even when they’re far away! Family Locator free helps you make sure your family is safe with features like GPS tracking, sending SOS alerts, and creating a limited number of zone alerts.

  Life 360

Beyond a basic GPS phone tracker. Explore Life360 for free and get started with advanced Location Sharing, two days of Location History, and two Place Alerts to see family members come and go from your top places like home, school, and work. Upgrade to membership for premium features and tools backed by 24/7 specialist support.

  America First Mobile Banking

Your child can now access their America First account directly from their Troomi phone with the America First Mobile Banking app. They can make transfers, pay bills, and deposit money anywhere, anytime. America First Mobile Banking will help teach your child sound financial habits and stay on top of their money. 

  Copper Banking

Teach your children sound financial habits with Copper Kids & Teen Banking. They will gain vital financial experience as they bank, save, and invest their money all in a safe learning environment. With financial literacy moments built in, you’ll get full visibility over your child’s account with real-time monitoring and alerts.  


GoHenry Youth Debit Card App gives your family all the tools you need to nurture money confidence. GoHenry offers a debit card with smart parental controls  with real-time notification every time the card is used. Your child will learn how to budget, earn money through chores and allowance, set savings goals, and more all while getting real-world experience with money. 


Teach your kids how to manage money with Greenlight! With no overdraw fees and parental control on where kids can spend, Greenlight makes teaching budgeting a cinch! Your child can choose to spend, invest, save, and give as they learn how to manage their own finances with this handy app.

   Gusto Wallet

Gusto is a payroll service where your working child can put their money to work for them. Gusto Wallet helps your child earn, save, spend, and borrow right with their Gusto account. It’s the easiest way to take control of your financial future.  

   Step Next Gen Banking

Step Next Gen Banking is an all in one banking solution designed to help the next generation build smarter financial habits. With Step, your child can invest in cryptocurrencies and stocks, set savings goals, earn rewards, set up direct deposit and more. The best part, no monthly fees.  


Venmo is a versatile mobile financial app that offers an excellent opportunity for parents to introduce their teens to responsible financial management in a digital age. Designed for simplicity, Venmo provides a valuable platform for teens to explore the world of digital transactions with guidance from their parents. With no monthly fees, privacy controls, and added security, you can rest assured that you have control over your teens’ transactions as you guide them in making sound financial decisions. 


If you’re looking for some new trails to hike or run, AllTrails is the app for you. Find all the local trails and their difficulty ratings on one app. Even find trails where you’re traveling. AllTrails gives you the estimated time and distance of the trail as well so you can plan your day perfectly.

  FamilySearch Tree

Your family history is the story of you. The FamilySearch Tree app makes it easy to add, edit, or share your own family’s history directly from your phone. FamilySearch Tree syncs with the FamilySearch website making any changes or additions you make easy and accessible. View or add information about your ancestors or enhance your family tree by adding photos, stories, and documents. You can search the historical records to find your ancestors, map your ancestors to explore your heritage in maps that show where the key events of your ancestors’s lives took place, and connect with loved ones and long lost relatives through the Relatives Around Me feature.


Share and connect with loved ones effortlessly using Frameo. Turn your phone into a digital photo frame, instantly sharing and receiving photos with family and friends. Enjoy private and secure two-way sharing, manage multiple Frameo frames remotely, app captions and filters and more! Stay close, no matter the distance, with Frameo. 


At Autodesk, we believe creativity starts with an idea. From quick conceptual sketches to fully finished artwork, sketching is at the heart of the creative process. You never know when a great idea will strike, so access to fast and powerful creative sketching tools is an invaluable part of any creative process. Have an artist in the family? Help them nurture their talent with Autodesk Sketchbook. This app offers all the supplies a budding artist needs on the go and now the app is free for everyone!


Sky Map is a hand-held planetarium for your Android device. Use it to identify stars, planets, nebulae and more. Have you got an astronaut-in-training in your family? Or maybe an under-aged astronomer? Well, SkyMap is the app for you. SkyMap allows you to explore the stars in a whole new way. SkyMap not only shows you stars, but it also helps you identify constellations, planets, and nebulae!

  Stop Motion Studios

Stop Motion Studio is a powerful movie editor with dozens of easy-to-use features. Your child will enjoy hours of creativity making beautiful stop-motion clips and short films. The best part? Stop Motion Studio is free to use. 

  Adventures in Odyssey

The Adventures in Odyssey Club is a perfect place for your kids 8 to 12 years old to access trusted, faith-building entertainment. Written and produced by Focus on the Family, each action-packed episode features beloved characters and real-life experiences designed to help kids navigate today’s culture, grow in their Christian walk, and just plain have fun.


Al-Quran has an elegant style and exclusive benefits, including:

  • Othomani font similar to that of the printed Quran
  • There are two options for browsing the Quran by Suras or by Ajzaa
  • There are three ways to browse: scrolling up, paging, and Al-Quran TV
  • Display the meanings of difficult words by clicking on them
  • Zoom in and out the font to suit the eye and the size of the mobile / tablet
  • Bookmark Ayah to be restore later
  • And many more!

  Ancient Faith Radio

The official app of Ancient Faith Ministries, offering a wide range of audio and video programming, including three 24-hour internet-based Orthodox radio stations, live call-in programs, an extensive collection of downloadable podcasts, and access to the Ancient Faith Store.


Ambience is a mixer of relaxing sounds. You can mix many nature sounds and music in order to obtain your ideal relaxed ambience based on your mood. All sounds are high quality! You can also upload your own sounds and mix them with the app sounds. You can use this app for sleeping, power nap, meditation, concentration, reading or just relaxing. Minimize anxiety, insomnia, and the symptoms of tinnitus by using this handy sound mixer to mask the annoying sounds around you. Contains over 100 high quality relaxing sounds (all free) for any mood.


Stressed and need a way to relax? Try out the Antistress app! This app offers dozens of ways you can take your mind off your stress and anxiety. Play. with wooden blocks, bamboo chimes, and even shaving cream. Never be without something to fidget with when you have the Antistress app.


Calm is a top rated medication and relaxation app. Manage stress, balance moods, improve sleep and refocus your attention with guided medication, sleep stories, soundscapes, breathing exercises and more. Feel better with Calm. 

   Church Center

Your church must already be using Planning Center Check-Ins, Giving, Groups, or Registrations in order to use this app. Learn more:

My Church Center by Planning Center is the fastest way to get information about your church, pre-check your family, give to your church, browse & join groups, register for events on Android.

  Come Follow Me

Come Follow Me helps your child build a daily habit of scripture study that works for everyone. Meant for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Come Follow Me is a scripture study platform that provides high-quality devotionals, quotes, question prompts, discussion points, and much more. 

   Day One Journal 

Recommended for ages 8+

Day One is the journaling app that reinvented journaling. Completely private, cross-platform, and designed to never fill up, it’s designed to let you capture your life as you live it. Use Day One as a daily diary, note taking app, travel log, or gratitude journal. 

Day One Journal is free to use with premium features available for purchase. 

  Gospel Library

Gospel Library is the study app of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Gospel Living

The Gospel Living mobile app is designed to be inspiring, engaging, fun, and relevant to everyday life. It supports a Christian life through inspirational content, activities, and interactions. Record your thoughts in a journal, work on personal goals, and connect with local groups in your congregation of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Hallow Prayer & Meditation

Hallow Prayer and Meditation is a Catholic prayer and mediation app that offers audio-guided mindfulness sessions to help your child grow in their Christian faith and enrich their spiritual lives. Explore over 6,000 different sessions on contemplative prayer, devotionals, Catholic Holy Bible study, spiritual music, and more.


If you’re ready to take meditation to the next level, Headspace Plus is for you. With all the great features of Headspace Free, Headspace Plus also offers

  • Over 40 courses of themed meditations on specific topics like stress and sleep
  • Dozens of one-off exercises designed to add more mindfulness to your day
  • Sleep by Headspace that helps ease the mind into a truly restful night’s sleep
  • Headspace Move Mode for a variety of physical activities to keep your body as sharp as your mind
  • The Wake Up for mindful activities to start your day
  • Focus Mode with audio and video to help your mind stay focused throughout the day
  • Animations that guide you through essential meditation techniques and bring to life traditional stories

Get your best sleep and peace with Headspace Plus.

  Hebrew Interlinear Bible

Get your study of the Hebrew Bible in with the Hebrew Bible Study app. Study the bible both in your native tongue and in Hebrew. Navigate through the Torah and other sacred writings by chapter. Change the alignment, color, font size, audio playback speed, and more.
Subscribe for a fee of $9.99/mo for 1 month or $3.33/mo for 12 months. With a subscription, you get access to all commentaries, no ads, the ability to translate commentaries into your language, unlimited access to audio clips, unlimited bookmarks, and the ability to study specific commentators.

  Helper Helper

Helper Helper is a valuable tool for your child’s journey of giving back to their community. This app empowers your child to engage in volunteer opportunities, track service hours, and make a positive impact in the world. Helper Helper makes it easy to become a responsible and compassionate member of society. 

  Hindu Vedas

This English translation of Hinduism’s holy book, The Vedas, contains all 10 books in their entirety. No Internet connection is needed to browse the books and chapters. 

  JW Library

JW LIBRARY is an official app produced by Jehovah’s Witnesses. It includes multiple Bible translations, as well as books and brochures for Bible study.

• Choose from various Bible translations.
• Compare all available Bible versions by tapping a verse number.
• View the associated material by tapping a footnote marker or reference letter.

  Member Tools

Recommended for ages 8+ 

The Member Tools app provides members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with the ability to contact ward and stake members, access event calendars, and locate Church meetinghouses and temples. Leaders can also access additional membership information and reports.


Does your child have trouble falling asleep? Or maybe they get a little over-anxious? Moshi is here to help! With tons of calming sleep soundtracks and meditation guides, your child will be sleeping like a rock in no time.

  My Creative Diary

Looking for a place to jot down a few ideas or even get a few new ones? My creative diary is the app for you. With several prompts to choose from, you’ll always now just how to start writing. And if you’re looking for something to do on a free afternoon, this app even gives you ideas of new things you can try.

  My Diary

Need to jot down your thoughts on the go? My Diary is here to help. Record your day-to-day happenings, secrets, and feelings. Even add photos and other customizable features to make your diary uniquely you. Never find yourself without your journal with My Diary!

  Our Turtle House

Get access to inspirational content from 3 great speakers to help supplement your gospel study. Listen to John By the way, Hank Smith, and Meg Johnson give advice on dozens of topics for free! 


Quran for Android provides the following features:

  • Crystal clear Madani compliant images
  • Gapless audio playback
  • Ayah bookmarking, tagging, and sharing
  • Over 15 audio recitations are available with highlighting support (tap the screen for to get the audio toolbar)
  • Search
  • Night mode
  • Customizable audio repeat
  • Translations/Tafsir in over 20 different languages


The Seminary & Institute app provides students and parents with the ability to enhance learning experiences and manage their progress by viewing and registering for classes, studying course content, updating readings status, tracking attendance and graduation statuses, in addition to other features. It also enables Seminary and Institute teachers to mark attendance and update reading completion statuses.


Skylight Spiritual Self Care is designed to support your child’s holistic well-being. With a focus on nurturing their spiritual growth, Skylight offers a safe and engaging space for exploration and self-discovery. Through a variety of age-appropriate activities, guided meditations, and reflective exercises, Skylight empowers children to connect with their inner selves and cultivate mindfulness. Try one of 500+ short, spiritual exercises to help your child feel better right now. 

  YouVersion Bible

If you’re looking for a better way to study the Bible, the YouVersion Bible offers you hundreds of resources. You can hear inspirational messages from pastors and other speakers, read upwards of 1000 versions of the Bible, and get reading plans that will help you study more efficiently.

  Amazon Music

Stream your favorite tunes anytime, anywhere with Amazon music. Get access with your Prime membership or listen to even more songs with Amazon Unlimited and Amazon Music HD. Get access to all of your music and podcasts in one place! $7.99/mo for prime members and $9.99/mo for non prime members.

  Apple Music

Apple Music is a music streaming service that enables users select music to stream to their device on-demand, or they can listen to existing playlists. If your family uses an Apple Music Family Plan, your child can still have user access by signing in through the Apple Music Android app.

  FM Radio

FM Radio is a radio tuner that allows your child to listen to all their favorite radio, news, and sports radio stations for free. 

   iHeartRadio Family

Are you looking for the best family-friendly music and stories in one FREE app? The new and improved iHeartRadio Family app has been revamped with a new look and feel, offering over eighty stations for both kids and parents!

   Metronome Beats

A free interactive metronome app, Speed Trainer, and Drum Machine designed by musicians. Metronome Beats is used worldwide for solo and group music practice, teaching and live concerts. It is also used to keep a steady tempo during running, golf putting practice, dancing, and many other activities.

   Perfect Ear

Perfect Ear is the perfect way for your child to enhance their music skills. With dozens of exercises and activities to teach sight reading, pitch, and rhythm, your child will get the foundation they need to start their musical journey. Get access to several exercises for free and purchase feature packs for even more!


Shazam can identify songs playing around you or in other apps, even with headphones on. Discover artists, song lyrics, and upcoming concerts—all for free.

  Simply Guitar

Learn to play the guitar at your own pace with step-by-step tutorials made by world-class music teachers. Simply Guitar gives you feedback directly from the app while you learn to play your favorite songs.

  Simply Piano

Piano lessons can be pricey. But thanks to Simply Piano, you can save some cash and still give your child the opportunity to learn to play. Give it a try and get 1 course totally free! Your child (and your wallet) will thank you later.

 Spotify Kids

Spotify Kids offers your children hundreds of age-appropriate songs to explore. With a Premium Family account, your children can use Spotify Kids to listen with their own account, avoid explicit content, and listen offline. If your child loves music, but you’re worried about them running into something inappropriate, Spotify Kids is the app for you.


With Spotify, you can listen to music and play millions of songs and podcasts for free. Stream music and podcasts you love and find music – or your next favorite song – from all over the world.


This simple tuner will help musicians quickly and easily tune a wide range of instruments. Use it as a ukulele tuner, violin tuner, guitar tuner, kalimba tuner, voice tuner, and more. Even very low bass strings can be tuned.


Transform your child’s soccer skills with DribbleUp. This interactive app brings a virtual trainer to their fingertips, enhancing ball control and footwork through augmented reality. Track progress, engage in fun challenges, and access a comprehensive training library. Suitable for all skill levels, DribbleUp makes learning soccer enjoyable and rewarding. And DribbleUp isn’t just for soccer. DribbleUp offers training in basketball, boxing, weights, and more. 


GameChanger is a free team management and game streaming service. With integrated scoreboards, advanced scorekeeping, season stats, team communication and more. Your kid will never miss a practice or game.  


GoFan makes attending school sports events easy and convenient. Designed for sports enthusiasts, GoFan simplifies the process of purchasing tickets and accessing event details. Say goodbye to long lines and paper tickets. 


Heja is the all-in-one app for team management. Designed for coaches, parents, and athletes, Heaj simplifies communication, schedules, and coordination, ensuring a seamless and organized sports experience.


Hudl lets you record and play back your sports game for analysis. With Hudl you can capture new video using your device or upload existing video to study with your team. Study your video with full data and notes on each clip. View all your highlights and top plays, study your playbook, and track your assignments. Hudl is free to use for athlete’s who have coaches with a Hudl account. 

    Meet Mobile: Swim

Meet Mobile: Swim is the essential app for swimmers and swimming enthusiasts. Dive into a world of swimming events, live results, and personal bests, all in one convenient place. Stay connected and up-to-date with the swimming community with Meet Mobile: Swim. 


Discover the thrill of America’s favorite pastime alongside your child with the MLB app – your gateway to all things baseball! Bring the excitement of Major League Baseball straight to your child’s fingertips with live game streams, real-time scores, and in-depth statistics. From nail-biting playoffs to epic World Series showdowns, never miss a moment of the action!


Get ready to dribble, dunk, and score with the NBA app – your ultimate destination for all things basketball! Whether your child is a future MVP, a passionate fan, or simply curious about the sport, the NBA app offers an immersive experience that will ignite their passion for basketball and keep them entertained. The NBA app is free to use with an option premium subscription. 


The Official NHL® app is your one-stop-shop for all things hockey. From dekes and dangles, to overtime winners and cellys, to news, scores, stats, and highlights; there’s no other app you need to unleash your hockey fandom. Experience the adrenaline-pumping excitement of professional hockey alongside your child with the NHL app – your ultimate destination for all things hockey! Whether your child is a budding athlete, a die-hard fan, or simply curious about the sport, the NHL app offers an immersive experience that will captivate and inspire them.


Ollie Team Management lets your kid communicate directly with their coach and teammates and see their team or club schedule all in one place. Players stay in the loop with practice schedules, game day information, events, and team announcements. 


The OneWheel app is the ultimate companion for your child’s OneWheel electric skateboard. Designed to complement the thrilling sensation of gliding on a OneWheel, this app empowers riders with a range of features and customization options, ensuring they have full control every time they hit the road. 


Stay connected, organized, and inspired with SportsEngine. Your child can message their sports team, access schedules, meet with teammates, and get the latest sports news. Register easily and never miss a game.


SportsYou connects your kid with their coaches and teammates for easy team communication and planning. Chat with teammates, see practice and game schedules, view media and photos from game day and more. 

    Stack Team

Stack Team is the ultimate sports management app designed to streamline and enhance team collaboration and communication. From team management to seamless communication, this app empowers teams to work together efficiently.


Track your fitness with Strava activity tracker. Record routes, map your favorite bike trail or run & analyze your training with all the stats—for free! Marathon training or simply love going for a bike ride? Turn your phone into a sophisticated cycle or running tracker with Strava. Try out a new trail with Strava distance tracker and mile counter or even track running spped. Join millions of active people and reach your goals!


Make sure your child stays connected and organized with TeamReach. This app simplifies team communication and coordination for busy parents. Instant messaging, easy schedule management, attendance tracking, and secure media sharing – all in one place. Get real-time updates, access contact details, and ensure your child never misses a team moment. 


TeamSnap is the #1 Sports Team Management app for coaches who’d rather manage their teams than manage their technology. Easy to use. Loved by parents. TeamSnap is team management made simple. Whether it’s field numbers, uniform colors or start times, share important game or practice details with team schedules. 

    TeamSnap Tournaments

Never organize or attend a bad tournament again. TeamSnap Tournaments makes it easy to plan, schedule, update and communicate everything about your next event. Complicated schedules? No problem – build complex brackets in a snap. Last-minute updates? Make changes and communicate them to all the teams and fans instantly. Plus standings, scores, notifications, venue management and driving directions.


Protects battery health, displays battery usage info, and measures battery capacity based on science. AccuBattery can help your device perform at its best. With Battery Health, Battery Use Charge Speed, and other highlights, your device will never be in better shape.

    Adobe Acrobat

Unlock the potential of your child’s learning experience with Adobe Acrobat – the ultimate PDF reader and editor for young minds. Whether your child is studying for exams, completing homework assignments, or exploring their creative side, Adobe Acrobat offers a suite of powerful tools to support their educational endeavors. 

    Adobe Scan

With Adobe Scan, your teen can transform their smartphone into a portable scanner, making it easy to digitize notes, assignments, and important documents right from their phone’s camera. Adobe Scan simplifies the scanning process and helps your teen keep their schoolwork organized. 

  Canon Mini Print

Compatible with IVY Mini Photo Printer and IVY CLIQ+/CLIQ+2 Instant Camera Printers.

Personalize your photos with stickers, text, frames, filters, and more! Take photos to capture the moment, or access photos from your favorite social and cloud accounts to get creative with and share. When you’re ready, send your masterpiece to be printed and use the 2×3-inch sticker prints to dress up your room, notebook, locker, mirror, desk… well, almost anything!

  Carnival Hub

The Carnival Hub app is your child’s ultimate companion for all things fun and exciting at the carnival! Designed with your child’s enjoyment and safety in mind, Carnival Hub lets you and your child effortlessly plan your family’s day of adventure while on your Carnival cruise line vacation. 


Clockify Time Tracker empowers your teen’s productivity. This app helps your teen manage their time effectively and boost productivity. With Clockify, your child can excel in both their studies and personal pursuits while fostering a healthy work-life balance. 


Always writing yourself notes then forgetting where you put them? No worries. ColorNote has your back. ColorNote allows you to keep all your notes, to-do lists, shopping lists, and even message drafts in one place. Pin and lock notes as you please, and if you’re worried you’ll forget something, you can even use the ColorNote widget to stick it right on your home screen.


Cozi Family Organizer is a free and simple way to manage everyday family life. With a shared calendar, reminders, grocery list and more, Cozi helps your kid keep track of the family schedule so they don’t miss a practice or an important event. 

  Disney Cruise Line Navigator

Welcome aboard the magical journey of Disney Cruise Navigator – the ultimate companion app for families embarking on an unforgettable voyage with Disney at sea. Designed with your child’s excitement and wonder in mind, this app is your key to unlocking the endless adventure and enchanting experience awaiting you aboard your Disney cruise line ship. 


The Disneyland app is the official app for the Disneyland Resort! Now it is easier than ever to plan and share your vacation plans. Quickly access real-time wait times, park hours, character greetings, showtimes, and more. The free Disneyland app enhances your family’s next visit to the Disneyland parks. Manage your tickets and use the complimentary Disney Genie Service Planning Tool which helps you create a personalized itinerary for an easy and fun vacation!  

  Google Calendar

Don’t miss any events with Google Calendar. Add your meetings, appointments, and special days on Google Calendar. You can add reminders, notes, and even Google Meet meetings to each event.

  Google Docs

Create and collaborate with others on documents from your Android phone or tablet with the Google Docs app.

  Google Drive

For ages 13+.

Google Drive is a safe place for your child to back up and access all their files from any device. 

  Google Keep

For ages 13+.

With Google Keep, your child can capture what’s on their mind and set reminders to keep them on track. Google Keep makes it easy for your child to write a note or list and keep their thoughts organized. Google Keep is free to use. 

Google  Photos

Is your phone getting bogged down with pictures? Google Photos has you covered! Google Photos automatically backs up your photos so you don’t have to store them on your phone. Google Photos also offers lots of fun tools to edit your photos.

  Google Sheets

Create and collaborate on spreadsheets from your Android phone or tablet with the Google Sheets app.

  Google Slides

Forgot to make that big presentation for your school project? No problem! With Google Slides, you can whip up a stunning slideshow in no time. With several themes to choose from and easy collaboration, your presentation is sure to be a hit. So give Google Slides a try for your next presentation.

  Google Translate

Traveling where you don’t speak the language? No problem! Google Translate has you covered. Google Translate allows you to translate into 108 languages via text, speech, or images.

  Here Comes the Bus

Here Comes the Bus is the app for parents who want peace of mind when it comes to their child’s school transportation. Designed with the safety and convenience of your family in mind, Here Comes the Bus provides real-time tracking and updates on your child’s school bus.

Here Comes the Bus is free to use but requires a school district code and student ID. Please contact your child’s teacher or your School District’s Administration office for information on accessing your child’s account.

  HP Smart

Print, scan, and share files by using HP Smart with your HP Printer. HP Smart makes it easy to get started and keeps you going with features like Print Anywhere. Edit and enhance your photos by adding filters and text, cropping, and adjusting the saturation, contrast, or brightness. Access hundreds of printable crafts, cards, and learning activities for free with Printables! Get involved and get your family creating together!

  Kodak Photo Printer

Compatible with Kodak 2 inch Printer (P210), Kodak 2 in 1, 2 inch Camera (C210), Kodak 3 inch Square Printer (P300), Kodak 3 inch Square 2 in 1 Camera (C300), and Kodak 4 inch Dock Printer (PD460).

Print your amazing photos from your phone! Take, edit, and instantly print your precious moments from the app. *KODAK Photo Printer has replaced KODAK Instant Printer.

  My Disney Experience

My Disney Experience is the official Walt Disney World app! Now it is easier than ever to plan and share your vacation plans with your family. Quickly access real-time wait times, park hours, character greetings, showtimes, and more. My Disney Experience is free to use and will enhance your family’s next visit to the Walt Disney World parks. Manage your tickets and maximize your park time by taking advantage of the new Disney Genie Service Planning Tool which helps you create a personalized itinerary for an easy and fun vacation!  


PhotoCircle provides a fun and secure way to share photos with loved ones. You can create private circle albums for family events, trips, or just everyday moments. Photos stay private and are viewable only by those you invite to your PhotoCircle. Capturing moments and bonding with friends and family has never been easier. 

  Royal Caribbean International

Embark on a journey like no other as your child sets sail with us on an unforgettable voyage. Designed with families in mind, the Royal Caribbean International app is your child’s companion throughout the entire cruise experience. Ensure every moment is filled with excitement, wonder, and cherished memories.  


Designed to work with the LINK series cellular trail cameras, the Spypoint app allows you to receive photos from your camera directly to your smartphone or tablet. You can activate your new camera, view your photos, manage and monitor your trail camera from anywhere. Includes buck tracker species recognition technology that allows for quick sorting and filtering of all your photos.

     The Current

The Current app puts C-TRAN’s new on-demand service at your fingertips. Use it to seamlessly book rides, view real-time vehicle locations and more.

     Traffic Monitor

Ad-free traffic monitor you can check you 3G/4G and 5G speed and keep an eye on network coverage and data usage on your smartphone.

     Transit Subway & Bus Times

Transit is your real-time urban travel companion. Transit Subway and Bus Times lets your child instantly see accurate next departure times, track buses and trains near them on the map, and see upcoming transit schedules. Use the trip planner to quickly compare trips – including options like bus and bike, or metro and subway. Get alerted about service disruptions and delays for their favorite lines, and save frequently used locations for trip directions in a tap.

    The Weather Channel

Neffos Weather works with the world’s best weather data sources to provide you with the most accurate weather information at all times. No matter where you are, you can trust The Weather Channel for your daily forecast and weather alerts. 


Waze is a community driven navigation app that helps millions of users get to where they’re going through real-time road alerts and an up-to-the-moment map. Thanks to their network of drivers, Waze saves you time by instantly alerting you to traffic, construction, crashes, police and more. From traffic-avoiding reroutes, real-time safety updates and low gas price alerts.

Under Review


Our team of safety experts is constantly reviewing apps recommended by the Troomi community to ensure they meet our high standards for safety and quality before we make them available to your children.

We have numerous apps currently under consideration, which means we are testing them for safety or completing the technical work necessary to integrate them in our platform.

Check back frequently to see new apps as they are added. 

  Humanity Employee Scheduling

  NJ Transit

  Oticon On


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