A safe phone that brings comfort and joy.

Get a phone kids love with peace of mind parents demand!

Troomi phones showing KidSmart Apps

Why is Troomi a great gift for kids?

What makes Troomi different?

Because of our exclusive KidSmart OS™, “different” really isn’t the right word—think “revolutionary.”

  • Protection from pornography, predators, and bullies
  • No social media or addictive games to cause stress, anxiety and depression
  • High-quality devices at kid-friendly prices
  • Graduate kids into more functionality based on needs and maturity
  • Access to safe KidSmart™ apps that enhance children’s learning and creativity
  • Schedule phone time and app access for younger kids based on time of day
  • Troomi keeps kids safe while preparing them for future responsibility!
  • PLUS, our KidSmart™ monthly service plans start at just $14.95 for unlimited talk and text

Introducing KidSmart OS™

Imagine a phone that grows with the needs and maturity of your children!

With KidSmart OS™, seamlessly graduate your kids from one level of responsibility to the next based on their needs, preparation and maturity. Start with a device that’s completely locked down with talk and SMS texting only, then easily add device functionality from the Troomi Parent Portal—without having to replace hardware.

No harmful stuff

Maximum security

Enable new features when your child is ready...

So, what are KidSmart Apps?

KidSmart™ provides parents with cloud-based access to software for network security for kids

KidSmart Apps™ are award-winning apps that have been recommended by the Troomi community and vetted for safety by our experts.

We’ve avoided apps that are addictive or cause unhealthy distraction from things that matter most—and you definitely won’t find apps with loopholes for predators and pornography. 

With no app store on the child’s device, KidSmart Apps are selected in the Troomi Parent Portal. Each will help your kids excel in school, enjoy their hobbies or grow their talents!

Do you have an app you’d like to recommend? Let us know!

A quality device from Samsung means more peace of mind—way more.

We’re proud to launch Troomi with devices from Samsung that kids will love and parents can trust:

  • Well-known brand that kids are excited to use
  • Longer device life so it can grow with your child
  • Fewer hardware problems mean fewer worries
  • Quad Camera for incredible photos, including a 16MP main camera and 8MP front camera for stunning selfies
  • 6.5″ display and slim, adult-looking design
  • 2-day battery life for increased safety
  • Octa-core processor with 128GB of storage
  • Defense-grade security to safeguard privacy
  • Bluetooth for connecting speakers and headphones
  • No foreign government security concerns
Troomi Samsung A12

Why Troomi?

Because we believe in the limitless potential of every child to learn, do and become anything.

What kind of network does Troomi use?

Troomi is built on one of America’s leading 4G/5G networks. For just $14.95 a month, we provide all users with:

  • Unlimited talk and text in the USA
  • Unlimited talk and text to Canada
  • Unlimited talk and text to Mexico
  • Texting to 190 countries to keep in touch with loved ones
  • Plus 1 GB of data to run essential apps!

Is Troomi available in your area?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Troomi?

How is Troomi different than other safe solutions?

Troomi is the safe phone that grows with your child. We provide safety today and prepare kids for the future.


Other solutions are so locked down that they quickly become impractical as children’s needs evolve.

Does Troomi really prevent unwanted calls?

Unlike competing solutions, every Troomi phone comes with the ability to eliminate calls from spammers, creeps and predators.


We do this with our unique SafeListing™ technology that enables parents to designate the numbers that can call and text into the device.

What is the Parent Portal?

Think of the Parent Portal as the command center for your child’s device. It is a Web app you can easily access from any device on any platform.


The Parent Portal enables you to graduate your kids from one level of functionality to the next as they mature and their needs evolve. Learn more HERE.

What are KidSmart™ Apps?

Available on the Discover plan, KidSmart™ Apps have been carefully curated and vetted for safety by our team. They are intended to help kids excel in school, enjoy healthy hobbies, and develop their talents.


There is no app store on the phone, so KidSmart Apps are selected and managed from within the Parent Portal—including the ability to manage when individual apps are available to the child and when they are not.


You can learn more about all our apps HERE, including standard apps that are available on every plan.

Troomi Phones

Why do you use Samsung devices?

Competing solutions intended for kids use off-brand devices that break easily and may cause more headaches than they’re worth.  In our case, Samsung is a leading brand that kids are excited to use.


Higher quality means the device will last longer and grow with your child. As well, better quality means fewer hardware problems and fewer worries. 


All that said, our devices are still priced appropriately for kids. Check them out HERE.

How is the picture quality of your phones?

We know that picture quality is really important to most kids, so both our Samsung devices offer a quad camera for taking incredible photos.


The A12 features a 16MP main camera and 8MP front camera for stunning selfies. The A32 has a 48MP main camera and 13MP selfie camera!

What options are available for music?

Apple Music, Spotify, Spotify Kids and iHeart Radio Kids are all available through the Discover plan and allow streaming over WiFi.


Apple Music and Spotify both allow users to easily download songs to their devices to make them available anytime, anywhere.


For parents who prefer not to enable a streaming music service, every plan comes with a basic music player app that can play MP3s downloaded onto the phone.


And both of our devices are fully Bluetooth enabled for connecting to wireless headphones and speakers.

Troomi Service

Does Troomi service require a contract?

No monthly contracts! We don’t lock you in because we know you’ll want to stay.

Does Troomi service come with a guarantee?

Have confidence with our 30-day, money-back guarantee. No questions asked!

What if my child already has a phone number?

We make porting a number into Troomi as painless as possible. We’ll welcome you—and your phone number—with open arms.


During the checkout process, you’ll see an option to port your existing phone number. All you need to do is input your phone number and PIN from your current carrier when prompted—we’ll do the rest!

Will my kids be able to call their family in Mexico and Canada?

Every Troomi plan includes unlimited talk and text within the U.S. and to Canada and Mexico. And if you happen to travel to Mexico, you’ll also have unlimited talk and text back to the USA.

On top of that, when you are in the U.S. or Mexico, you have unlimited texting to 190 countries.

Discover Troomi and help your kids discover their limitless potential!

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