KidSmart OS®

Create the perfect phone environment for your child.

No pornography, social media apps or harmful games

Prepare kids for the future by adding functionality as they mature

Military-grade security to combat predators and intrusions

Optional apps to enhance growth and learning, all vetted for safety

Easiest user experience possible through Troomi Parent Portal

Active user community and a premium-level support experience

How it works:

View of Parent Portal settings

At long last, powerful and super easy parental controls!

All controls for Troomi devices happen away from the device itself through a Web-based app called the Troomi Parent Portal. Access the Parent Portal from your own browser on any device and platform. Updates you make will magically take effect within seconds on your child’s phone. (Please note that some changes, such as downloading new apps, require the device to be connected to WiFi.)

Dashboard to show child's location and status

See where your child is—and how their device is doing.

When you log into the Parent Portal, you’ll immediately see where your child is—as long as they have their phone with them. Also see the battery life remaining on their device, as well as their cellular and WiFi status.

Use SafeListing™ to control calls and text messaging.

Put simply, no more SPAM calls! Or calls from creepers. Enable Troomi SafeListing™ to eliminate unwanted calls and texts. SafeListing ensures your child can only make and receive calls with people on their Contact List. The same is true for text messaging—even for group texts!

Screen shot of Remote Text Monitoring

Keep an eye on things with Remote Text Monitoring.

No more awkward reviews of your child’s text messages while they impatiently wait! Instead, review texts anytime right from the Parent Portal, then talk to your child about anything concerning. Images are included, as well as any messages that may have been deleted on the device. You can even search by contacts and keywords!

Text exchange between father and son

Choose text-only messages or enable picture texting and group chats.

Some parents prefer to limit messaging functionality to text only, while others want their kids to be able to send and receive pictures or participate in group chats.

Make the switch from basic texting to group and picture texting with one easy click! SafeListing is available for both approaches, so you never have to worry about who your child is trading pictures with.

Add the Internet?

It’s your choice! Some parents—especially those of younger children—prefer to have no browser whatsoever, so that is the default for Troomi phones. But if your child is ready to learn responsible online habits, introduce the Internet with our KidSmart® Safe Browser, which enables you to designate specific domains that can be visited. Website domains not added to your domain safelist will remain completely unavailable to your child. 

KidSmart® Apps make Troomi even more empowering!

When your kids are ready, add KidSmart® Apps to help them excel in school, nurture their talents, develop creativity, and enjoy healthy hobbies.

There’s no app store on the phone, but you can choose which apps you’d like to have on your child’s device with just a few simple clicks right in the Parent Portal.

There are dozens of apps currently available, with new ones arriving every week. And for an added layer of safety, most apps only work when connected to WiFi in safe places, like home, church and school.

Custom fit the phone with time limits and time-of-day access controls.

With the Parent Portal, you can determine when and for how long any app or feature is available. For example, perhaps you don’t want your child distracted by Libby and their love of audio books during school hours, or maybe educational games on PBS Kids are only available for 30 minutes a day—and only in the hour before dinnertime. 

When apps are unavailable—or when your child hits a time limit—they will grey out and become unclickable on your child’s phone. They’ll return to color and become clickable during “on” hours, with no loss of data. 

You can even set an overall daily screen time limit that accounts for time spent across all activities!

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