Why Kids Aren’t Falling in Love with Reading

Kiko Anderson
why kids aren't falling in love with reading

You may have noticed that children these days don’t seem to love reading as much as they did in previous generations. They prefer playing video games and scrolling through social media rather than reading books or even magazines. This trend is concerning because reading is an essential skill that benefits children in so many ways. So, why is it that kids don’t enjoy reading anymore? In today’s post, e will discuss why kids aren’t falling in love with reading and what you can do to encourage your children to develop a love for it.

1. Technology and the internet

One of the major reasons why kids aren’t interested in reading is that technology and the internet have made it easy for them to access information without reading books. They can watch documentaries or tutorials online, which don’t require as much effort as reading. Besides, there are so many distractions on the internet that kids can’t concentrate on reading a book for long hours. They prefer short-form content like blogs and social media posts that are easy to read and digest.

2. Limited exposure

Another reason why kids aren’t falling in love with reading is limited exposure. With the rise of technology, kids are not exposed to books as much as the previous generations. Nowadays, it’s uncommon to see children carrying books around with them. Schools have also adjusted their curriculum to suit the digital age, and many reading assignments have been substituted with online research. Therefore, children don’t get the opportunity to build a relationship with books, which often leads to a lack of interest in reading.

3. They Think Reading is Not Fun

Most kids think of reading as a chore because they associate it with schoolwork. Reading becomes an obligation and not a fun activity. Also, some parents force children to read books that are not interesting to them, and this only worsens the situation. When kids are exposed to books that align with their interests, it can spark an excitement for reading.

4. Lack of role models

Children, especially younger ones, learn from their parents’ behavior. Therefore, if parents don’t read books themselves or set aside time for reading, then kids are less likely to develop a reading habit. In contrast, if parents read regularly, children are more likely to develop a love of reading.

5. Short attention span

Finally, children nowadays have a short attention span and are easily distracted. This makes it challenging for them to concentrate on reading books for extended periods. You can help counter this by gradually extending their reading time, starting from short sessions and increasing the duration as they get more used to reading. Setting achievable reading goals and rewards also helps motivate children to read more.


The challenge of cultivating children’s enthusiasm for reading has multifaceted roots, demanding a thoughtful approach. As a parent, you wield the power to ignite a love for reading by promoting book ownership, selecting titles aligned with their interests, setting an example through your reading habits, and gradually extending their reading time. Equally significant is Troomi Wireless—a secure smartphone designed for kids, offering parental controls and access to approved KidSmart® Apps like Audible and Kindle. With Troomi, your child can safely explore the joys of reading wherever they are, underscoring your commitment to their education and security.

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