What is Safelisting? A Troomi Phone Feature Explained

Has your phone become a hotspot for spam calls, bot texts, and scammers? At Troomi, we’re sick of those calls too. As adults, we’re better able to filter through scams and phishing attempts, but our kids don’t have much practice or experience with screening calls. And unfortunately, kids also tend to be more trusting than adults, so they are more likely to click on dangerous links that get sent to them. That’s why we’ve incorporated Safelisting technology into Troomi phones to keep your kids safe. But what is Safelisting and how does it work?

What is Safelisting?

If you’re familiar with whitelisting, defined as a list of things considered to be acceptable or trustworthy, you have a good start on what Safelisting is. With Safelisting, you as the parent can create a list of contacts on your child’s Troomi phone. These contact numbers are the only ones able to text or call your child and the only ones they’re allowed to text or call—every other number will be blocked.

How Does it Work?

Troomi puts the contact list of your child’s Troomi phone in your hands. You add the contacts and then decide if those contacts are going to be included in the Safelist. Not only are these the only contacts your child is able to call or text, but when Safelisting is enabled, they are the only ones able to reach your child’s phone. By adding those contacts, you are creating their safelist. 

Here’s what that looks like on the Parental Portal:

Add a contact using the “add contact” button:

Fill out the required fields:

Select “create contact” and choose whether you want that contact to be allowed to contact your child or blocked from contacting them. (The “blocked” feature comes in handy if your child loses their privileges to talk to a certain contact for a few days, but you don’t want to delete the contact completely.)

Why is this Better than Blocking?

Think of it as an “allow list” not a block list. There are too many numbers in this world to try and block all of them one by one manually. Only the people who you trust, and add to the Safelist, can reach your children. Every other number is blocked automatically. No random calls. No scams. No unsolicited contact. With people in the US receiving billions of spam calls in 2021, give your child some peace by not letting them be exposed to that same quantity of spam. 

A Phone Designed for Kids and Safety.

At Troomi, we know that learning how to use a phone responsibly is something that will take practice and work, especially when you’re trying to encourage healthy phone habits. Unfortunately, that’s not the only struggle for our kids anymore. Random calls might not just be spam calls about cars’ extended warranties or phishing attempts. Cyberbullying is on the rise and one of its main avenues is through cell phones. Safelisting prevents cyberbullies and predators from being able to call or text your children.

A Safe Web Browser with Domain Safelisting.

In the Troomi Discover phone plan, you can even safelist websites. We recognize that the Internet can be a great source of knowledge for our kids when they’re mature enough to handle it. Educational sites can be added to the domain safelist and be accessed by your child while all other sites will be blocked.

When They’re Ready, You Can Turn It Off.

Safelisting isn’t designed to be permanent, although you can keep the feature turned on for as long as you like. Troomi phones are designed to grow with your children, teaching them responsibility, healthy habits, and how to handle the day to day interactions with their phone. As they get older, they may need to be able to contact people beyond the safelist, such as peers from school or even their work. You can turn the feature off and on depending on the situation and your child’s readiness and maturity.

Beyond Safelisting

Troomi is doing everything it can to enable and protect kids. They have even more features designed for exactly that. From military grade OS security to Kidsmarttm Apps, everything on the Troomi phone is designed and vetted by our team of experts. Check out Troomi for the plan right for you and your family!