Why Troomi?

Reagan Fausett

Tech has become an indispensable part of our lives. Most of us can hardly remember what it was like before cell phones and computers (we’ll chalk that up to our youthfulness rather than our memory loss. . .), and our kids have never even known a world without advanced technology. Much of the technology we use is still relatively new—it wasn’t until 2007 that smartphones became popular. Since then, we’ve seen countless new smartphones hit the market. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been as much progress as far as online safety when it comes to children and cell phones—that’s where Troomi Wireless comes in.

Troomi Wireless is one of the few companies that promotes safe and smart tech usage for kids. But what makes Troomi Wireless stand out from the other kid-safe tech companies? Not only does Troomi help keep your child safe, but it also empowers your child, helping them develop lifelong, healthy technology habits. 

How Troomi Empowers Kids and Parents

Troomi’s mission isn’t just to protect kids, but also to help them reach their full potential. Here are a few of the ways Troomi empowers kids and parents. 

Safe Apps for Kids

Troomi provides KidSmart™ apps that have been carefully selected to empower kids in their studies, talents, and interests. We recognize the educational and growth benefits of technology for kids. That’s why we’ve taken care to give your child plenty of safe apps for kids that they can use to explore, learn, and create, while limiting the ones that could be harmful like social media and games.

Troomi Teaches Responsibility

At some point in their life, your child will likely get a smartphone with full functionality, and Troomi is here to prepare them to handle it responsibly. Just like you should teach your child to drive before they get their driver’s license, you should teach your child how to handle a smartphone for kids responsibly before they get one without limits. 

Many kid-safe tech companies only allow the bare minimum on your child’s phone. And, as you can imagine, going from a phone that only calls and texts to a full smartphone would be a huge adjustment. Troomi helps your child ease into this transition by allowing you to gradually enable more and more features as your child learns to be more responsible. Even with all the features activated, Troomi is still a smartphone for kids and thus continues to provide your child the protection they need, but this ability to “graduate” kids from one level of responsibility to the next will prepare them to eventually take that step of getting a fully functional smartphone.

Parent Portal and Sharing

Troomi doesn’t just stop at empowering kids—we help empower parents too! We provide parents with a Parent Portal where they can find all the parental controls needed for their child’s device. From the Parent Portal, you can use toggle-style switches to easily enable and disable features on your child’s phone. Troomi also provides parents with training curriculums, blogs, and parent-to-parent idea sharing to help you teach your children healthy technology habits. 

Sophisticated Features

Troomi has partnered with Samsung to offer your children several of the features that they can find on a fully functional smartphone. The Troomi device offers a high quality camera (48mp), up to 128GB of storage, and 760 x 1600 screen resolution along with unlimited talk and text and safe browsing capabilities making it the perfect safe phone for kids.

How Troomi Keeps Kids Safe

Keeping kids safe online nowadays is challenging to say the least, but Troomi is here to make it easier and more effective than ever before. 

Safelisting Capability

Troomi offers you the ability to keep strangers from contacting your child through text or call. Parents can create a safelist for numbers that can contact their children, and every other number will automatically be blocked. Not only will this keep any strangers from contacting your child—not to mention telemarketers (wish my phone could do that), but it will also prevent any cyberbullies from reaching them as well.

GPS Locating

Troomi helps keep your child safe by showing you your child’s location through GPS and allowing them to use GPS navigation apps. This helps you ensure that your child stays safe when they’re out with friends or at school, and it helps them get to where they need to go.

OS Level Software

Troomi offers OS level software with military-grade security that prevents hackers, factory resetting, or any other attempts to circumvent the system, making Troomi a much better option as a safe phone for kids than any parental control app you could download. What’s more, Troomi runs on its own 4G/5G network, saving you from the hassle of finding a phone compatible with your family’s carrier while still giving you great coverage. 

Not only does Troomi keep your child safe from predators, cyberbullying, and other threats through its software, safelisting, and GPS tracking, it also helps limit screen time and develop other healthy technology habits with KidSmart™ apps and incremental feature introduction. All of these features and more help Troomi accomplish their mission of keeping your child safe while empowering them to discover new talents, learn new skills, and grow intellectually.