The Ultimate List of Spy Books for Teens

Kiko Anderson
spy books for teens

Are you a parent looking for a thrilling, action-packed, and adventurous read for your teen? Look no further because the world of spy books is your answer. Spy books are exciting, loaded with heart-racing plot twists, and capture your teen’s imagination like no other, making them ideal to keep your child hooked on reading. Here’s our ultimate list of spy books for teens to love.

1. Alex Rider Series by Anthony Horowitz

 This series portrays the adventures of a teenage spy named Alex Rider. Each book contains a unique mission loaded with gadgets, action, and danger, making it an ideal read for any teen.

2. Gallagher Girls Series by Ally Carter

 Girls rule in this spy books series. Gallagher Girls revolves around a boarding school for spies. Besides, it’s packed with action, humor, and a bit of romance.

3. Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan

 Though Percy Jackson lies in the world of Mythology, he’s a spy of sorts for the camp he resides in. He’s a demigod and has his quests, making them thrilling and adventurous reads.

4. Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams

 This sci-fi series follows the adventures of Ford Prefect and Arthur Dent. Although their adventures weren’t your traditional tales of espionage, they’re filled with hilarious encounters and events.

5. The 39 Clues Series by Rick Riordan

 This series follows the adventures of siblings Amy and Dan. They embark on a global scavenger hunt for the 39 clues, discovering the truth about their family’s past that’s entwined with numerous famous people.


There you have it, the ultimate list of spy books for teens. These books are loaded with adventure, suspense, thrills, and humor, making them a captivating read that can also enhance your teen’s reading skills, vocabulary, and critical thinking abilities. Gift your child one of these books, and you’ll soon witness their deep fascination as they devour each thrilling story. And with Troomi Wireless, a safe smartphone for kids that is parent-controlled, children can have access to Troomi’s approved KidSmart® Apps like Kindle and Libby, enabling them to safely enjoy these spy books wherever they go. Troomi Wireless offers a secure and controlled digital platform, allowing kids to dive into the gripping world of spy novels while ensuring their safety and providing peace of mind for parents.

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