Phones for Christmas? How to Keep Your Child Safe

Jennifer Johnson

We’d be willing to bet one of the most common Christmas presents for kids this year was a cell phone. You probably saw it in one way or another over Christmas whether it was through posts on social media, when relatives came over, or even under your own tree. Kids love phones (and really any kind of tech gifts), and if your kids didn’t get a phone for Christmas, they probably at least asked for one, right?

There’s no arguing that cell phones can be useful as our kids grow older and are out and about more, not to mention as school and learning tools move online. But there are risks to consider with a no-limits cell phone: pornography exposure, predators, cyberbullying, addiction, and damaged self-esteem. 

It can be scary to give your child a cell phone, unless you know it’s safe. Troomi aims to bridge the gap between a cell phone that’s functional for your kids and one that will keep them safe. Keep reading to learn how. 

Military Grade Security and the Parent Portal

Troomi phones have military grade security, which means they can’t be hacked (even by the smartest kids). Additionally, all the functionality is managed through the Troomi Parent Portal. You can access the Parent Portal from your own phone or on a computer. The Parent Portal not only allows you to customize their child’s phone settings, but it also allows them to see all your child’s activity on the phone. It’s all managed externally through the Parent Portal, so kids aren’t able to add apps or change settings on their own phone.

Troomi also offers heightened safety when it comes to adding numbers to your child’s phone. There are three settings you can enable: 1) every new contact needs to be approved in the Parent Portal before being used, 2) contacts added by the child can be used but need to be approved in the Parent Portal within 72 hours, 3) the child can add contacts without needing approval. This way, you can make things as secure as they need to be for the age and maturity of your child.

Functionality That Grows with Your Child

Troomi is the phone that grows with your child. Similar to the settings for adding new contacts to your child’s phone, you can choose a plan that works for the maturity of your child, whether that’s a plan that only offers call and text, one that also includes group and image texting, or the one that includes vetted, safe apps. And if one plan isn’t working for your child, you can change it any time.

No Harmful Apps

With Troomi’s Discover plan, your child  can access KidSafe™ apps when you think they’re ready. KidSafe™ apps have been thoroughly reviewed and vetted by experts to ensure that your child will be safe while using them. And you won’t find social media on Troomi phones either. Just safe apps that can help kids learn, grow, discover, develop talents, and chase their dreams.

Safelisting (AKA No Spam Calls)

One of the coolest things about Troomi is a little thing we like to call safelisting. In a nutshell, you can create a list of approved phone numbers, email addresses, and web domains, and your child won’t be able to access or contact any phone number, email address, or web domain outside that list. That means no spam calls or people looking for a previous owner of the number—no one you haven’t approved can contact your child. The same applies for email and our safe web browser. You can breathe easy knowing no strangers will be able to contact your child.

Protect and Empower

Thanks to these safety features, you can rest assured that Troomi phones will empower your kids to learn, do, and become anything—with all the stuff they need and nothing they don’t. Our aim is to give you the tools you need to teach kids smart tech habits now that will last throughout their lives, all while offering you peace of mind with parent involvement every step of the way and a hack-proof system. And the best news is that you don’t have to wait until next Christmas to get your child that perfect gift!