An End to Pesky Spam Calls: Safer Phones with Troomi

I love a good Spam and cheese sandwich, which I know is a highly controversial thing to say! Whatever your stance on canned meats, there is one form of spam nobody likes—spam calls! Robo calls or “scam likely” coming up on your caller ID is a small nuisance in life for most of us. It might be annoying, but we know not to answer it. Last week I received a text from “Jocelyn” letting an old friend know she was back in town. When I let her know she had the wrong number, she sent me an inappropriate photo obviously taken from the internet and tried to keep the conversation going. I spotted the signs of a scam and blocked the number. Thankfully, this type of text can’t come through to a Troomi phone!  At Troomi, we try to think of everything to take the worry out of giving your kids a phone. One of those worries are these spam calls and texts, so we’ve found a way to make sure your kids never get one. Here’s how:

Parent Portal Power

One of my favorite features about Troomi Wireless is the Parent Portal. You can sign into the Parent Portal on your phone or any device that can access the internet from our homepage. There’s a lot you can do in the Parent Portal, and deciding who your kids can contact (and who can contact them) is one of those things.

Through the Parent Portal, you can add contacts to your kid’s phones. Not only are these the only numbers your kids can call and text, but they are also the only numbers that can come through too! If you add yourself, your mom, and your neighbor, then only Mom, Grandma, and Susan, your neighbor, can call your kids! If you’re traveling or have family out of the country, Troomi phones can call out to Canada and Mexico, but, as always, only with your permission of course! You can also adjust the settings to allow your kids to add contacts that you approve later, or they can add with free reign, etc. Login and go to contacts from the menu on the left!

A Tool, Not a Tyrant

With a safe phone, your kids can have access to you during the day. They can have more freedom, more responsibility, and more ability to live up to all their amazing potential! Our phones are tools that teach safe ways to use tech. Keeping your kids safe is quick and easy through the Parent Portal, and with this feature, you won’t have to think twice about giving your kid a phone.