Mastering Screen Time on Your iPhone & Digital Well-being

digital well-being

In today’s digital age, our smartphones have become an indispensable part of our lives. They keep us connected, informed, and entertained. However, the convenience and constant accessibility of our devices can also lead to excessive screen time, which has been linked to various mental and physical health concerns. In this post, we’ll explore digital well-being, how to effectively manage your screen time on an iPhone, promoting a healthier relationship with technology.

Understanding the Issue

Studies have shown that the average person spends a significant portion of their day glued to screens. According to a report by Common Sense Media, adults spend an average of 11 hours per day interacting with media, while teenagers spend an average of nine hours. Excessive screen time has been associated with issues such as eye strain, poor sleep quality, sedentary behavior, and even mental health problems like anxiety and depression.

iOS Features for Limiting Screen Time

Thankfully, Apple has recognized the importance of digital well-being and has introduced a range of built-in features on iPhones to help users monitor and control their screen time. The Screen Time feature, introduced in iOS 12, provides detailed insights into your device usage, including the amount of time spent on specific apps, the number of notifications received, and even the frequency of pickups.

Setting Up Screen Time Limits

To get started with Screen Time, go to your iPhone’s Settings app and tap on “Screen Time.” Here, you can view your daily average screen time and set up limits for yourself. You can create a daily time limit for specific app categories, such as social media or entertainment, and receive notifications when you’re close to reaching your limit.

Using Downtime and App Limits

The Downtime feature allows you to schedule a block of time where only selected apps and phone calls will be available. This is particularly useful for creating tech-free zones, such as during mealtimes or before bedtime. You can also set individual App Limits, which restrict the amount of time you can spend on specific apps within a day.

Family Sharing and Parental Controls

For parents looking to manage their children’s screen time, Family Sharing offers a range of tools. You can set up Screen Time for your child’s device, view their activity reports, and approve or limit their app usage and purchases. This ensures that your children are developing healthy digital habits from an early age.

Apps for Additional Support

While the built-in Screen Time features are comprehensive, there are also third-party apps available that can provide additional support. Apps like Moment, Freedom, and Forest offer features such as detailed usage tracking, app blocking, and even gamification elements to encourage less screen time.

The Importance of Balance

It’s important to remember that technology itself isn’t inherently bad. Our devices offer many benefits, from connecting with loved ones to accessing educational resources. The key is finding a healthy balance and being mindful of our screen time. Some tips for achieving this balance include:

  • Setting designated tech-free times, such as during meals or an hour before bed.
  • Engaging in offline activities, such as reading, exercising, or spending time in nature.
  • Being present and fully engaged when interacting with others in person.
  • Regularly reviewing your Screen Time reports and adjusting your habits as needed.


In a world where screens are increasingly prevalent, it’s crucial that we take control of our digital well-being. By utilizing the Screen Time features on your iPhone and being mindful of your habits, you can develop a healthier relationship with technology. Remember, it’s all about finding a balance that works for you and prioritizing your mental and physical health in the digital age. Moreover, for parents seeking alternatives to traditional smartphones for their children, Troomi phones and watches offer a solution that enables kids to explore the outdoors and be kids without the distractions and safety concerns often associated with screen time. With features designed to promote safety and limit distractions, Troomi devices provide peace of mind for parents while encouraging children to embrace the world around them with curiosity and freedom.

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