How Free Parental Control Apps Can Safeguard Your Child’s Digital Life

Kiko Anderson
best free parental control app

In today’s digital age, online safety has become just as important as physical safety. The internet is a vast space that can expose your child to inappropriate content and cyberbullying. With that said, one of the ways to protect your child from online risks is by using parental control apps. In this blog, we will discuss the best free parental control apps can help safeguard your child’s digital life.

1. Block Inappropriate Content

Free parental control apps allow you to block inappropriate content from your children’s devices. This helps to keep them away from harmful websites, violent games or pornography. Some parental control apps even allow you to set filters and block entire categories of websites, regardless of whether they contain inappropriate content or not.

2. Set Time Limits with a Parent Control App 

The internet can be addictive, and children may spend hours online without realizing the time flies by. With the best free parental control app, you can set time limits on the usage of specific apps or websites. This helps to limit screen time and keep your child engaged in other activities like reading or playing outside.

3. Location Tracking

Some parental control apps come with location tracking features. You can use this feature to keep track of your child’s whereabouts and ensure their safety. In case of an emergency, you can know their last known location and rush to their aid. With Troomi Wireless you can access your child’s location at any time! 

4. Monitor Social Media Activity

Social media has become a significant part of our lives. Children as young as 10 have social media accounts and are exposed to an entirely different world. Parental control apps can help you monitor your child’s activity on social media and ensure they’re not being bullied, or sharing inappropriate content.

5. Educate Your Child

Parental control apps help you teach your child about online safety and the importance of responsible internet usage. By involving your child in the process, they become aware of the risks associated with the internet and become more cautious when using it.


Ensuring the online safety of our children is of utmost importance. That’s why parental control apps have become an essential tool for parents to safeguard their child’s digital life. Among these options, Troomi Wireless stands out with its easy to use parent portal. With Troomi, parents have complete control over their child’s online activities, allowing them to create a safe and secure digital environment. While parental control apps cannot replace the need for parental supervision, they provide an additional layer of protection and peace of mind. Embrace the power of technology and responsible parenting with Troomi Wireless, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable digital experience for your child.

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