How Dexcom Follow App is Revolutionizing Diabetes Management

dexcom follow app

Managing diabetes can be a tricky and complicated feat, especially if you have a child or loved one with the disease. It’s always nerve-wracking to have to check glucose levels constantly, especially when you’re on the go or sleeping. Thankfully, technology has made life a little easier for people with diabetes and their caregivers. The Dexcom Follow app is one of the tools that make diabetes management more streamlined and efficient. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the Dexcom Follow app and how it can simplify your life.

What is it?

For those who are unfamiliar with Dexcom, it is a glucose monitoring system that tracks glucose levels continuously throughout the day. The Dexcom Follow app, on the other hand, is a complementary app that allows you to share that data with your loved ones. The app allows you to remotely monitor the glucose levels of the person who is wearing the Dexcom device, which means you could view their glucose levels on your smartphone.

Why is it important?

The app can do a lot to ease your anxiety and worries surrounding diabetes management. The app provides real-time data, which means you can see when your child’s glucose levels are starting to drop or rise. It will also give you alerts when their glucose levels go beyond a certain threshold, so you can take action quickly to avoid severe problems. Being able to see your child’s glucose levels at all times, even when you’re away from them, brings a lot of peace of mind.

How does it work?

To use the Dexcom Follow app, you’ll need to have a Dexcom glucose monitoring device. Your child or loved one will wear the device, which continuously tracks glucose levels. The device, in turn, sends the data to the Dexcom transmitter, which sends it over to the Dexcom Follow app via Bluetooth. The app displays the data in a user-friendly interface, which means you can easily review and monitor glucose levels even from a remote location.

Who can use it?

The Dexcom Follow app is designed to help caregivers of people with diabetes. This includes parents of children with type 1 diabetes and caregivers of elderly parents or grandparents with diabetes. If you have someone in your care who has diabetes and is using a Dexcom device, then the Dexcom Follow app is perfect for you.


The Dexcom Follow app is a vital tool for real-time glucose monitoring, making diabetes management easier and more proactive. It pairs seamlessly with the Dexcom device and is especially valuable for caregivers. Notably, its compatibility with Troomi Wireless software extends its benefits, allowing parents to monitor both their children’s physical and digital safety remotely. Troomi Wireless offers secure phones and watches for kids, creating a comprehensive solution that simplifies diabetes management and provides peace of mind for caregivers.

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