Hosting a Charming Kids Tea Party: Tips, Ideas, and Fun Activities

Kiko Anderson
kids tea party

Hosting a tea party for kids is a fun way to celebrate a special occasion or simply a lovely way to entertain your little ones. Beyond providing an exciting event, tea parties are also a great way to teach kids about table manners, etiquette, and social skills. It’s a wonderful opportunity to show your kids how to set a table, properly use tea cups, and engage in conversation with friends. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or just want to have a fun afternoon with your kids, hosting a charming kids’ tea party is a great way to spend time with family. Here are some tips, ideas, and fun activities to help make your kids’ tea party memorable and enjoyable.

1. Create a Theme

Creating a theme for your kids tea party can make the event more festive and memorable. Think about your child’s interests and incorporate them into the party theme. For instance, if your daughter loves fairy tales, you can plan a fairytale-themed tea party. Use fairy tale characters on invitations, decorations, and food items. Another popular option when it comes to tea party ideas for kids is to create a color theme using your child’s favorite colors. Incorporating a theme into the party will make it more fun to plan and will create a cohesive look throughout the party.

2. Decorate to Set the Mood

Decorations are key to creating a whimsical tea party atmosphere. Use tablecloths, plates, napkins, and cups that match your theme. You can also create a DIY centerpiece using flowers, balloons, or small toys that match the party theme. For more nostalgia, use real teapots and floral teacups instead of disposable ones. Create a photo booth with fun props for guests to use and pose for pictures. Decorations can set the mood and make the party feel special for kids.

3. Plan the Menu

Some tea party ideas for kids when it comes to planning the menu includes finger sandwiches, mini cupcakes, fruit, and cookies. If you have a theme, try to incorporate food items that fit into the theme. For example, if you have a fairy tale-themed tea party, serve cupcakes with castle or fairy toppers. Ensure that you have hot water, teas, milk, and sugar on hand for children who want to enjoy a cup of tea. Be sure to ask parents if their children have any food allergies or preferences.

4. Fun Activities for Your Kids Tea Party 

Plan plenty of fun activities to keep the kids entertained, busy, and happy. You can set up a craft table where kids can decorate hats or make their own tea cups. Organize a scavenger hunt with clues that lead to small prizes. Play tea party games such as “pass the teapot” or “musical chairs.” Or you can put on a dress-up corner with dress-up clothes, hats, and accessories. Keep in mind that children have varying attention spans, so keep the activities short and sweet to avoid boredom.

5. Send Home Party Favors

Sending guests home with party favors is a great way to thank them for coming and to keep the memory of the party alive. For a tea party, you can put together a little bag with small tea sachets, teacup-shaped cookies, and a small trinket or toy that fits the party theme. Personalize the party favor with your child’s name or a tag that thanks the guests for coming. This simple gesture will make the kids feel special and will keep the memory of the party alive.


Hosting a charming tea party for kids is not only a delightful experience but also an opportunity to teach your children valuable social skills. By creating a themed atmosphere, decorating with whimsy, planning a menu of child-friendly treats, organizing engaging activities, and offering party favors, you can ensure a memorable event for your little guests. As you embark on this tea party adventure, Troomi Wireless provides a safe and secure environment for your kids. With Troomi Wireless, parents have complete control over their child’s phone usage and can access their location using the GPS location app, giving you peace of mind while you focus on creating magical moments. So, gather your little ones, let their imaginations soar, and celebrate the joy of childhood with a delightful tea party made even more secure with Troomi Wireless.

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