Fifteen Home Office Tech Essentials

Paige Geis Bradshaw

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, working from home has become quite common! Many of today’s jobs can be worked entirely from home, while other employers have adopted a hybrid work schedule—some days are worked in a corporate office and the rest are worked from home.

If you’re among the millions of Americans who’ve made working from home the new normal, you’ve likely had to make adjustments to your space to accommodate your equipment and other needs.

When was the last time you checked out your work environment for upgrades? Take a look at this list of fifteen home office tech essentials, and spruce up your work-from-home space!

The Work Earbuds Ultra | $149.99

Block out the noise and distractions with The Work Earbuds Ultra so you can stay focused on your tasks! These comfortable noise-canceling earbuds not only help you crack down on important work, but make your meetings and calls crystal clear.

Creative Pebble Speakers | $24.99

These sleek, orb-shaped speakers add an on-trend look to any home office! But it’s not just their look that makes them a top pick.

Elevated at an angle of forty-five degrees, these spheres deliver enhanced audio projection that’s perfect for it all—whether you want white noise while you work or better sound during crucial calls.

BenQ ScreenBar Monitor Light | $109.00

Working late? Add the BenQ ScreenBar Monitor Light to your must-have list. Simply clip this light bar to your computer monitor to illuminate your work area without casting an annoying glare on your screen!

With an adjustable color temperature tool and built-in sensor for automatic dimming, you’ll always have an ideally lit work environment.

Mount-It! LED Desk Lamp & Fan | $59.99

Keep your workspace well lit—and your body temperature cool—with this combination desk lamp and bladeless fan!

Twist and tilt the long-arm LED lamp 140 degrees for light in any direction. And during long nights at the desk, you can cool down with the three-speed fan. The ultimate comfort during crunch time!

Logitech Litra Glow | $59.99

Look your best—even in your sweats—for every virtual meeting with this professional-grade glow light. Easy to mount onto any monitor, this wide-angle light offers soft and flattering lighting that’ll always make you look naturally radiant!

Cube Timer | $11.99

Do you have trouble with time management? Try out this timer! Just flip the timer to the number of minutes you’d like to stay “in the zone.” Choose from increments of fifteen, twenty, thirty, and sixty uninterrupted minutes.

Don’t worry, you have the option to pause your timer for any breaks you may need!

Logitech Brio 500 Webcam | $129.99

Enhance your virtual appearance with the advanced image quality, automatic light correction, and automatic framing that comes with this webcam.

Noise-reducing microphones eliminate background sound and elevate your voice, and the innovative Show Mode lets you tilt the camera downward to show your sketches and other work! And when your calls are complete, you can spin the integrated camera shutter to protect your privacy.

Blue Yeti Microphone | $99.99

Maximize the sound and clarity of your voice with this broadcast-quality microphone. Whether you want to come across more clearly on your Zoom calls or your job requires recording things like voiceovers and podcasts, this USB microphone is up for the task.

Plus, it’s compatible with both PC and Mac devices! It’s truly a microphone for everyone.

Belkin Multiport Adapter | $49.99

Quickly connect your devices and transfer data between them with this all-in-one adapter. With the ability to connect your computer or laptop to multiple other devices at once, you can create a miniature workstation with ease!

Anker Wireless Phone Charger | $19.99

Take note of your notifications, make hands-free video calls, and ensure your phone’s battery stays at 100% with this wireless charging stand. You can position your phone vertically or horizontally and even keep your case on!

Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard | $59.99

Work in comfort—and keep your wrists in alignment—throughout your shift with this ergonomic keyboard! The split keys, keyboard cushion, and palm rest support your wrists and hands to promote your natural, pain-free posture.

Plus, with an integrated number pad, dedicated shortcut keys, and superior wiring, you can expect speed and accuracy that lasts!

Logitech Wireless Mouse | $29.99

Stay focused in an ultra-hushed work environment with this wireless mouse that’s as quiet as a mouse! Over 90% in noise reduction means quiet clicking and silent scrolling—for you and for everyone around you.

Modern, slim, and portable, you can carry this mouse with you wherever you need to work. It connects to your devices by either Bluetooth or the included USB receiver. Plus, it stays powered on a single battery for up to eighteen months!

Rocketbook Notebook | $16.00 – $60.00

Sticky notes, to-do lists, chicken-scratched reminders—it all adds up! If you’re tired of wasting paper, try Rocketbook reusable notebooks and planners.

These paperless notebooks and planners look just like any other, but you write inside them with erasable pens. Simply scan your pages with the Rocketbook app to capture and store your scribbles, then clean each page with water and soft cloths—and write on them over and over again!

Ember Mug | $129.95

No morning is complete without a pipin’ hot cup of coffee! Even if you’re not a coffee drinker, you’re likely no stranger to starting your work day with something warm nearby.

With the Ember Mug, you can keep your coffee, cocoa, and tea at the perfect temperature until every last drop is dry! Connect the cup to your phone and keep your drink’s heat right where you want it.

Cubii Move | $199.00

Even when you’re stationary, you can keep your body moving and blood flowing! The Cubii Move—the revolutionary under-your-desk elliptical—allows you to exercise while you work.

The smooth motion of this seated elliptical system increases your strength and mobility without putting pressure on your joints, knees, or back. While standing desks are a step in the right direction, the Cubii Move increases energy expenditure by five times more in comparison and activates six key muscle groups!

Plus, the Cubii Move displays your workout stats, tracks your progress, and provides access to hundreds of workout classes through the Cubii App.

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