Break a Sweat: Best TV Workout Apps

Paige Geis Bradshaw

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, build healthy habits, de-stress, or simply get moving, you don’t have to move any farther than your living room!

These days, you don’t even have to head to the gym for a fitness class. You can sign up for live-streamed classes on your smart TV—whether you have exercise equipment or not!

Check out this list of fifteen fitness apps you can download to your smart TV. Free, paid, intense, low-impact—you’ll find it all right here!

Best Free Workout Apps for Smart TV

If you’re bulking up on a budget, check out these free workout apps you can access on your smart TV!

Fawesome TV

This free streaming service features over ten thousand TV shows and movies in a variety of genres. It also offers free workout programs under three categories: Fawesome Fit, Fawesome Pilates, and Fawesome Yoga!


Check out unlimited fitness classes for free! Whether you want to try barre, boxing, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), or even meditation, you can find it on FitOn.

Many of their classes are taught by celebrity trainers and experts, and up to ten classes are streamed live every day! This ensures you always have access to new exercises.

Prime Video

If you have an Amazon Prime membership, you can take advantage of Prime Video at no additional cost! Find a wide variety of fitness videos for both you and your children.

Team Body Project

With options in cardio, Pilates, resistance training, and yoga, the Team Body Project app boasts inclusivity and realistic workouts that fit into your daily routine. Their approach aims to change your mindset about movement and exercise, swapping your hesitation for passion!

They also have a free YouTube channel with over two million subscribers! Click here to check it out.


When it comes to free workouts, YouTube is one of the best resources you can turn to. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of YouTube channels dedicated to all sorts of fitness instruction.

Some popular YouTube channels that feature at-home workouts include MadFit, POPSUGAR Fitness, and Yoga with Adriene.

Best Paid Workout Apps for Smart TV

If you’re looking for more unique or custom features with your fitness program, paying a monthly fee might be up your alley. Take a look at these paid workout apps you can try on your smart TV!

Beachbody On Demand

Choose between three different pricing packages—between $9.99 and $24.99 per month—depending on your goals. You’ll get access to at-home, equipment-free workouts taught by professionals, plus program materials, nutritional guidance, meal plans, and community support!

Daily Workouts

Whether you only have five minutes or can spare half an hour, you’ll love the Daily Workouts app. The free version grants you access to over one hundred targeted exercises complete with on-screen instructions and video tutorials.

If you upgrade to the paid version, you’ll unlock nearly four hundred workouts, custom exercise routines, and no advertisements!


Replicate the feel of your favorite yoga studio in the comfort of your own home with Glo. Check out the schedule for daily live classes to plan your personal fitness time, or take your pick from over five thousand past classes on demand.

Prioritize your movement and mindfulness for $24.99 per month, from two-minute pick-me-up classes to ninety-minute self-care sessions!


Peloton is more than an exercise bike. The Peloton company also offers virtual exercise classes—no equipment necessary! For $12.99 per month, you’ll have access to thousands of classes taught by expert instructors and set to unique music genres and moods.


Co-founded by popular personal trainer, Kayla Itsines, the Sweat app promotes progress. Pick your preferred workouts and gradually increase the intensity as your strength develops!

You can schedule your workouts, set reminders, and exercise anytime, anywhere without equipment—all for $9.99 per month.

Best Roku Workout Apps

Is your smart TV specifically a Roku TV? Add these top-rated apps to your fitness routine!

Daily Burn

Get your fitness fix with one-on-one training sessions or group workouts—all on your own schedule and tailored to your athletic abilities and long-term health goals. Choose from a wide variety of focus points, from full-body workouts to flexibility stretches.


The ESSENTRICS app proposes a different approach to exercise and age. This functional fitness program addresses the unique needs of your body, whether you’re in your early 30s or late 60s.

With careful consideration for your age and abilities, ESSENTRICS workouts build your strength and mobility while respecting your body’s joints, flexibility, and natural limitations. Exercise at your own pace without any pressure!

Evlo Fitness

Heard the common phrase, “no pain, no gain”? Dr. Shannon Ritchey, the creator of the Evlo Fitness app, takes issue with it. Believing the phrase has made it acceptable to engage in destructive fitness habits, and her goal with Evlo Fitness is to dial back that mentality with joint-friendly and low-impact exercises.

Get access to almost-daily live classes and a library of over two hundred past classes, plus resources to improve your joint health!

Moms Into Fitness

Being a mom means being busy! Whether you’re taking the kids out and about or running an endless list of errands, it’s hard to prioritize fitness with everything going on.

Use the Moms Into Fitness app to unlock over six hundred workouts, a community of supportive moms, and nutritional, dietician-crafted meals the whole family can enjoy!

Studio Sweat On Demand

Whatever your goals, body type, or fitness level may be, you can find a workout that works for you with the Studio Sweat On Demand app. Taught by passionate trainers, you can try it all from spin classes to boot camp training! Plus, you can even get the kids involved with their youth exercise classes.

Teaching Fitness and Wellness with Troomi

Adults aren’t the only ones interested in staying active. In fact, encouraging your kids to move around while they’re young is an important life lesson to teach!With Troomi, your children can develop healthy technology habits and exercise habits. Our KidSmart® Apps include a variety of fitness and wellness apps—like Strava and Headspace—with more on the way. Click here to learn more about Troomi and our amazing apps!