Educational Entertainment: Top Science YouTube Channels for Kids

Kiko Anderson
science youtube channels for kids

YouTube channels are a great way to allow your child to find subjects of their interest and learn about them from the comfort of their home. Science is one of the most interesting subjects for kids, both girls and boys. They retain information when they are taught science in a more innovative and practical experience. We have compiled a list of the top science YouTube channels for kids that your child can engage with and quench their scientific thirst.

1. SciShow Kids

SCI Show Kids is a great YouTube channel that focuses on science topics for primary school children. It provides comprehensive information on a range of components from the human brain to chemical reactions without missing out on entertainment. Jessi Knudsen Castañeda, a teacher, and an expert in science, uses animations, graphs, and examples for easier understanding of science. The channel has an extensive list of over 500 videos, with new content added every week.

2. Crash Course Kids

This YouTube Channel provides videos for kids that are focused on science and has an enthusiastic and engaging presenter. Phil Plait, also known as ‘The Bad Astronomer,’ offers videos on topics like biodiversity, the earth’s cycles, and much more. The videos cover complex topics in short five-minute segments that make learning both fun and interesting. The channel currently has 200,000 subscribers and a collection of over 100 videos.

3. National Geographic Kids

If your child has an interest in science and the natural world, National Geographic Kids has it all. The site offers a range of videos, quizzes, and games based on science. The channel has educational shows such as “Weird But True” and short videos on unusual animals. The platform has content for readers of all ages, from preschoolers to teenagers and even adults.

4. Brain Stuff

Brain Stuff is a YouTube Channel that offers fresh and exciting information on science concepts. The Science channel is perfect for children who have a question-filled mind and thirst for knowledge. Brain Stuff answers all these questions in an easy to understand format while keeping it engaging and enjoyable. The short four- to five-minute videos feature experts explaining concepts in a fun interactive way.


Science is an engaging field that can pique a child’s curiosity, and what better way for them to learn than through easy-to-understand YouTube channels. The above are just a few of many educational and engaging science YouTube channels for kids. With Troomi Wireless, a safe smartphone for kids that is parent-controlled and allows kids to have access to Troomi’s approved KidSmart® Apps like YouTube Kids, your child can further their knowledge about Science-related topics. Troomi Wireless provides a secure digital environment, allowing your child to explore educational content responsibly while fostering their interest in science and other enriching subjects. Encourage their love for learning with Troomi Wireless, where they can access educational content, expand their knowledge, and develop a passion for the wonders of science.

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