Building Inner Strength: Empowering Books About Self-Confidence for Kids

Kiko Anderson
books about self confidence

In order to help kids build inner strength, we need the right tools at our disposal. That’s where books come into play. Empowering books about self-confidence for kids can provide an excellent starting point for building up a child’s self-esteem, helping them believe in themselves, and fostering a positive sense of self. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the best self-confidence books for empowering kids to develop inner strength.

1. “The World Needs More Purple People” by Kristen Bell and Benjamin Hart

In this delightful storybook, the author and illustrator team up to help young readers understand the value of being different. Through whimsical illustrations and smartly crafted rhymes, kids will learn about the importance of being kind to others. The book is geared toward kids ages three to seven, making it a perfect starting point for boosting a young child’s self-esteem.

2. “The Sneetches” by Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss has long been a favorite author of children and adults alike, and for good reason. His books are masterfully written and beautifully illustrated, and often contain important messages about kindness, acceptance, and self-confidence. “The Sneetches” is no exception. In this classic tale, readers will follow the story of two groups of creatures – one with stars on their bellies and one without. When the distinctions between the two groups become blurred, the Sneetches begin to learn some important lessons about individuality. This book is perfect for kids ages four to eight.

3. “Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon” by Patty Lovell

For kids who may be struggling with being different, “Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon” can be a ray of light. This is one of the best books on self love and confidence. The readers will tag along with Molly Lou Melon, who is different in many ways but learns to embrace her uniqueness and stand up for herself. Through her journey, young readers will learn about the importance of persistence, accepting differences, and standing up for oneself. This book is recommended for kids ages four to eight.

4. “Giraffes Can’t Dance” by Giles Andreae

Kids who may be struggling with a lack of confidence in their abilities will find “Giraffes Can’t Dance” to be an uplifting read. In this book, readers meet Gerald, a clumsy giraffe who can’t seem to find his rhythm when it comes to dancing. But with some encouragement and determination, he eventually learns to let himself go and embrace his unique style. Along the way, kids can learn about the importance of perseverance, being true to oneself, and the value of encouragement. This book is recommended for kids ages four to eight.

5. “I Like Me!” by Nancy Carlson

Sometimes, simple affirmations can go a long way in helping a child feel good about themselves. That’s where “I Like Me!” comes in. In this book, readers follow a little pig as she takes readers through a day in her life and shares all the reasons why she likes herself. From her curly tail to her big snout, the pig learns to appreciate her unique qualities.


There is an abundance of exceptional self-confidence books available that can play a significant role in empowering children to cultivate their self-esteem and foster inner strength. These books are a valuable resource whether your child is grappling with self-confidence challenges or simply in need of a confidence boost. By introducing empowering literature into your child’s life, you can initiate a journey towards enhanced self-worth and an optimistic outlook on their individuality. With Troomi Wireless, a kid-safe phone equipped with Kindle and Audible access, your child can enjoy these empowering books from anywhere, allowing them to explore uplifting narratives and embark on a path of confidence, joy, and empowerment.

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