Why You Should Switch

Reagan Fausett

It can be tough finding tech you trust in today’s world. Especially when it comes to finding tech for your kids. Many parents resort to giving their kids regular tablets or smartphones and monitoring them manually or through an app. Some parents go a step further and invest in a kid-safe smartphone. Unfortunately, the market for kid-safe devices and apps is limited. Many apps that allow parents to monitor their child’s tech use have loopholes that tech-savvy kids can find. The biggest names in the kid-safe device market, while better than apps, don’t give your child the resources they need to grow, learn, and discover. 

That’s why you should switch to Troomi! Troomi combines the best features of a regular smartphone with top-tier safety and security features, so your child will be able to do, dream, and discover all the good things about tech while staying safe from the dangers. 

What Troomi Offers

Switching phones can be a hassle, but Troomi makes it painless. And, once you switch, your kids will never stop thanking you. What exactly makes Troomi so great? Here are just a few things that sets Troomi apart:

Military Grade Security

Troomi has partnered with the best of the best to give your child the safest, most reliable phone possible. Troomi’s security features are built into the OS of the phone, meaning Troomi phones are much more difficult to hack. This also means that your children will be protected from spam callers, cyberbullies, pornography, and social media. 

Parent Portal

Features such as apps, Internet access, calling, and texting are all controlled through an easy-to-use Parent Portal. With just a few clicks, you can set screen time and app limits, determine what apps your child can use, and SafeList™ websites and contacts. You can also track your child’s location, talk time, phone calls, texts, and blocked texts on the Parent Portal home screen. 

KidSmart Apps™

Many of the kid-safe phones on the market today have a very limited selection of apps for your child to choose from. Beyond a photo app, file app, and music player app, these phones don’t offer your child much room to grow. The Troomi team, however, takes app suggestions from parents like you and carefully vets them to make them as safe as possible for your child’s consumption. Thanks to Troomi, your child can have all the apps they need for school, hobbies, and entertainment without the risks of a regular smartphone. 

Time Limits

With Troomi, you can set time limits on apps, calling, texting, Internet, and screen time in general. Just set the times of day you want your child to have access to those features, and they will automatically be blocked outside of those limits. If you want your child to have limits on the weekdays but not the weekends, you can turn on weekday limits and leave weekend limits off. These limits will help your child learn to handle tech responsibly. 


Troomi allows you to SafeList™ webpages as well as contacts. If your child needs access to certain websites, but not others, you can add those websites to the SafeList™. That way, your child stays safe from inappropriate content, scams, and other risks on the Internet. You can likewise add approved contacts to the SafeList™. Only the approved contacts can reach your child through text and call, so scammers, cyberbullies, and strangers can’t bother them. 

Troomi provides your child with all of the features they need to develop healthy technology habits while staying safe. With varying plans and features, you can match your child’s phone to their maturity and responsibility level. As your child grows and matures, so does their Troomi phone. So what are you waiting for? Switch to Troomi today and start helping your child develop lifelong healthy technology habits.