Why are Phones Good for Kids?

It’s no secret that the parenting game is changing. Technology has introduced a plethora of new challenges for parents to overcome—and these challenges aren’t going anywhere. 

Take cell phones, for example. According to NPR, over 53% of kids own a smartphone by age 11. With safety concerns like spam calls and anxiety-inducing social media running rampant on our kid’s devices, it’s easy to think that smartphones are the root of all evil. 

However, this couldn’t be further from the truth! There are so many benefits to giving your kids a phone. For example, phones encourage kids to develop better organizational skills and aid in an increased sense of responsibility. 

So let’s get into it! Why are phones good for kids?

Phones Connect You and Your Kids

It seems that many parents worry about losing the parent-child connection when giving their kiddo a smartphone. Thankfully, this worry isn’t a worry at all! Just like kids can use technology to communicate with teachers, you and your kids are always connected through a phone. They can call you when they need you, and you can call them when you need them.

This constant connection is especially beneficial for kids with parents that spend long periods of time away from home, whether that be for business or for the military. Phones make it easy to stay connected with family through tech

If your kiddo is running late, they can let you know with the tap of a button. Similarly, Troomi phones feature a top-of-the-line GPS that allows you to keep track of your child’s location if they’re on a neighborhood bike ride or walking to school. Who knew that something so simple could inspire so much peace of mind?

Phones Help Kids Develop Organizational Skills

Remember when we would rely on stacks of planners, journals, and to-do lists to stay organized? Thanks to technology, we no longer need to worry about keeping track of books and scraps of paper. Organization is easy with a phone!

Note-taking applications help kids keep a journal and record their daily thoughts, while alarms and reminders ensure they are on schedule and on task. Many schools even use phone applications like Canvas or Google Classroom to help kids stay on top of assignments. 

Phones Inspire Kids to Socialize

When I was a kid, my friends in the neighborhood and I would organize weekly sessions of outdoor games which we called “Night Games.” In the heat of the summer night we would run from house to house, knocking on doors and spreading the word about the impending competitions.

In today’s world, kids don’t have to go house to house like a pest-control salesman to organize game nights. In 2022, kids text.

Phones have made it much easier for kids and teens to develop connections with friends and peers. In fact, a recent study from the Institute for Behavioral Genetics found that kids who spend only occasional time on screens tend to have more close friends than those who don’t. Teens especially use phones to text, tweet, and share memories with friends on social media. 

Of course, social media isn’t safe for younger kids. We recognize this, so Troomi phones don’t have social media. Removing social media improves self-esteem and encourages kids to explore creative hobbies, in addition to helping them enjoy life without a screen.

Phone Cameras Preserve Important Memories

One of my younger cousins got a little red camera for Christmas. I saw her a few days after the holiday, and she was thrilled to share pictures from her Christmas with me. One of her favorite presents was a little vegetable garden that she used to grow lettuce, tomatoes, and squash. She even named her plants and created little stories for them, like the succulent  husband and wife, Jim and Patricia. 

While most kids won’t have their own camera, chances are they have a phone they can use to capture and share their favorite memories. If your child’s phone has MMS capability, like Troomi phones with the Dream or Discover plans, they can even text their pictures to friends and family.

Phones Allow Communication in Emergency Situations

You never know what can happen between dropping your kids off at school and picking them up after. It’s hard to be prepared for events like natural disasters, but giving your child a phone is the first step. For example,  if a natural disaster strikes while your child is outside the home, it only takes one phone call to make sure that they’re okay. 

Phones also give kids access to life-saving crisis hotline, like the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1.800.273.TALK). In case of an emergency, services like Poison Control and the police are also only one phone call away. 

Make sure to teach your children how to use these phone numbers, and remind them that calling 911 is only for emergencies.

Phones Help Kids Develop Responsibility

Having a phone is a big responsibility, and as such, a cell phone is an amazing tool for teaching kids how to be responsible.  

A phone is a tool that requires constant attention. Between maintaining a charge and keeping the phone in working order, your children will quickly develop habits which inspire them to be responsible tech owners. You can use this opportunity to be a good role model and show your kids some healthy phone habits!

It’s important that kids develop this responsibility because cell phones aren’t cheap. Giving your child a cell phone (likely their first possession of great value) is a big demonstration of trust! A relationship built on trust is a healthy relationship, and by showing your children that you trust them with a phone, they will similarly feel more inspired to return that trust in the future.

Make Troomi Your Child’s First Phone

Giving your child their first phone is stressful, but with Troomi, it doesn’t have to be. Our kid-friendly, parent-approved smartphones are developed with your child’s safety and zest for life in mind. Click here to read our mission and learn a little bit more about how Troomi phones help your kids learn how to be a responsible phone owner.

And make sure to keep coming back to the Troomi blog for more parenting tips and tricks!