What Is the Tech Coalition?

Paige Geis Bradshaw
What Is the Tech Coalition?

In a world where there are digital dangers targeting children around every corner, it’s a relief to know that an organization like the Tech Coalition is around.

Child sexual abuse and exploitation is a widespread problem. According to RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network), claims for child sexual abuse are substantiated every nine minutes. With technology advancing more and more by the minute, predators are not only keeping up—they’re ahead of the curve.

What Is the Tech Coalition?

In their own words, “The Tech Coalition is an alliance of global tech companies who are working together to combat child sexual exploitation and abuse online.”

They believe that collaboration between industry leaders is the key to fighting—and ending—online child sexual abuse and exploitation. There is power in numbers, after all!

By combining their knowledge, experience, and resources, every member of the Tech Coalition is strengthened as they work toward a common goal. Even the smallest startups can access the same high-tech tools and expertise as tech giants—all for the greater good!

What Does the Tech Coalition Do?

If there’s anyone who can implement real change to the technology that children use every day in order to keep them safe, it’s the Tech Coalition.

Expressed in their mission, members of the Tech Coalition “work together to drive critical advances in technology and adoption of best practices for keeping children safe online.”

Their five-part plan, Project Protect, outlines the action that the Tech Coalition is taking to shut down child sexual exploitation and abuse online:

1. Tech Innovation

Across the tech industry, the Tech Coalition accelerates the adoption of existing technology and invests in the development of new technology that keeps children protected online.

2. Collective Action

The Tech Coalition enacts a whole-society approach that brings third-party stakeholders to the frontlines in the fight for kids’ online safety.

3. Transparency & Accountability

Transparency and accountability begin with honest reporting from each member of the Tech Coalition. Participants must provide detailed reports disclosing any child sexual abuse material posted or stored on their platforms.

4. Information & Knowledge Sharing

Members of the Tech Coalition are committed to creating and sharing robust systems and processes with one another that identify, disrupt, and prevent exploitative and predatory content and behaviors.

5. Independent Research

In collaboration with the End Violence Against Children Partnership, NCMEC, THORN, WeProtect Global Alliance, and other partners, the Tech Coalition funds research through the Tech Coalition Safe Online Research Fund. This fund aims to advance the understanding of patterns that lead to online child sexual abuse and exploitation. The more they know, the better they can attack it.

What drives the Tech Coalition is their vision of  “a digital world where children are free to play, learn, and explore without fear of harm.” They’re not the only ones moved by that mission! Troomi believes in the limitless potential of children to learn, do, and become anything. And kids can do exactly that with the Troomi phone! Click here to learn more about how Troomi can help protect your children online.

Who Is in the Tech Coalition?

Industry-leading technology companies as well as civic and community organizations join forces through the Tech Coalition:

Those are only some of the bigger, more recognizable names. There are dozens more! And the number continues to grow as the Tech Coalition makes their mission known.

How to Join the Tech Coalition

In order to join the Tech Coalition, an organization must meet their stringent membership criteria:

  • Companies must work in technology and offer a product or service that could be impacted by child sexual abuse and exploitation.
  • Companies must be committed to taking the necessary steps to address and prevent abuse and exploitation—in their own business and across the industry.
  • Companies must explicitly prohibit abuse and exploitation in their terms of service, community guidelines, and other published standards.
  • Companies must support transparency and accountability in the fight against abuse and exploitation.
  • Companies must become familiar with relevant international policy and regulation related to child sexual abuse and exploitation online.
  • Companies must engage with civil society groups and the Tech Coalition mission.

Membership also requires annual dues that propel change and contribute to making the virtual world a safer place for kids.

While you may not own a company that can unite with the Tech Coalition (or maybe you do!), you can make your own commitment to ensuring children stay safe online! Take part in a local youth protection training. Learn more about the warning signs of child sexual abuse. And of course, teach your own kids about cyber safety!