Tune in to Talent: Best Piano Books for Kids to Develop Musical Skills

Kiko Anderson
piano books for kids

Music has the power to transform lives, and what better way to introduce your child to the world of music than through the piano? It’s a musical instrument that can provide hours of entertainment and even benefit your child’s cognitive abilities. To get started, you need the right resources, and piano books are an essential tool. But with so many options on the market, how do you choose the right one? In this blog, we’ve gathered some of the best piano books for kids that offer a systematic approach to learning and fun exercises to help develop their musical skills.

1. Piano Adventures – Level 1

 This series is popular among beginners and is designed to keep kids engaged with colorful illustrations and fun activities. The book includes traditional and popular repertoire, theory, and technique, with a focus on developing finger agility and hand position.

2. Bastien Piano Basics – Primer Level

 This book is ideal for younger children and follows a step-by-step approach to learning. It covers the basics such as note reading and rhythm through simple songs that are easy to understand and fun to play. The accompanying CD includes accompaniments to play along with to keep kids motivated.

3. Alfred’s Basic Piano Library – Level 1A: 

This book is perfect for kids who want to learn to play the piano quickly. The book utilizes an entertaining approach to keep kids engaged as they learn music theory and basic piano skills. The book features familiar tunes and popular songs to keep things fun and exciting.

4. John Thompson’s Modern Course for the Piano – First Grade: 

This book is a classic favorite among piano teachers and students. It covers reading music, scales, and chords and is designed to teach kids how to play various styles of music. The book has a traditional approach that emphasizes good technique, posture, and hand position.

5. Suzuki Piano School – Volume 1: 

This book introduces young children to the famous Suzuki method of learning the piano. The book includes technique exercises, theory, and repertoire, all taught through the ear-first methodology. This will inspire your child’s musical ear and support their vocabulary relating to rhythm, tone, and phrasing.


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