Troomi: The Gift That Keeps on Giving—Even to Moms

Jennifer Johnson

Mother’s Day is coming up in a couple months—but do any of us really need a holiday to pamper the moms in our lives? (The answer is no way!)

The Healthy Home Dream Team recently rounded up six great gifts to help moms stay healthy and well-balanced, and Troomi made the list! While technically Troomi phones are meant to be used by kids, they’re truly a gift to the parents too.

Consider how much peace of mind comes with knowing your child has a safe phone that will help them gradually learn healthy tech habits. As Ron and Lisa from the Healthy Home Dream Team write, “Troomi offers a safe way to expose your child to just enough technology with protection from pornograpy, predators, social media, bullies, and so much more that could cause depression, anxiety, and stress.”
So if there’s a mom in your life you know is working on good tech habits with her kids, send Troomi her way! Read the whole article here.