Tips to Improve Concentration for Your Kids with Tech

Do you ever feel like your kids can’t sit still? Staying focused in a technological world is hard for kids and adults alike. And while setting screen time limits can be helpful when staying focused, there are always more distractions to be found. Concentration tips for kids can be simple but effective in helping them to create lifelong habits. Tips to improve concentration aren’t just a checklist but a journey to sustained habits in focus and concentration.

According to Common Sense Media, 77% of parents feel that their kids are always distracted and struggle to pay attention. When you think of how many classes, homework assignments, and work meetings they’ll sit in on in their lives, having the ability to focus and not get distracted is a vital skill to develop. 

It’s easy to blame technology as the bad guy in the staying focused game because of how easy it is to get distracted, but technology can really help your kids to use technology as a tool. Troomi helps support kids in developing skills to stay focused by consistently working to find apps to include in the KidSmart™ Apps on their phones. Productivity Apps coming soon to Troomi phones include Remind, Bixby Voice, and Google Drive

Looking for a great process to practice when you or your kids need to concentrate? You’re in luck! The following process combines the top tips to improve concentration that will create habits that will help your kids with staying focused and reaching all their goals. 

Set a Goal and Write it Down

The first step is determining what you want and need to accomplish. Sometimes we’re so overwhelmed by a to-do list that we can’t calm our brains down enough to even get started! When we’re overwhelmed, it’s all too easy to turn to Instagram, Tik Tok, or Facebook as a distraction. 

So before you get sucked into a black hole of distraction, grab a piece of paper and start to write! Take the time to write out a to-do list, and then pick 2 things to focus on. With everything written down, you free up space in your brain that might have been worrying about forgetting something. Then, when you pick just 2 things to focus on, you’ll be more relaxed and able to focus on smaller tasks. When working with kids, this can help them take responsibility for their projects and get focused on their own. 

Set a Timer

Once you’ve gotten everything written out, it’s time to get to work! If you find you or your child is dreading getting started on something, set a timer! Setting a timer for just 25 minutes and committing to working until it goes off can help you get started and not get overwhelmed by the amount of work you have to do. If the timer goes off and you’re feeling motivated, keep going! If you are still struggling with focus, take a short walk, stretch, or drink some water, and then start another timer for 25 minutes. Focus Timer is a great app to use to keep your time on track. Setting a short timer can help you not feel stuck or intimidated by the amount of work you have to do. You’ll find that the more you try this, the longer you or your kids will be able to keep staying focused. 

Track Your Progress 

The best way to turn concentration tips into habits is to keep track of progress. Journaling about what works for you and what doesn’t can be helpful to track  progress and make changes as needed. Write down things like how long of a timer works best for you, what kind of environment you need to have your best concentration, and what kinds of activities help you feel focused. 

Staying focused with all the technology around us can be tricky, but it’s not impossible! Taking small, simple steps can make all the difference in creating life long habits to be focused and productive.