Three Reasons Your Child Will Love the Troomi Phone Camera

Jennifer Johnson

Nowadays, getting a child a cell phone without a camera would be like getting them a bike without tires. It would be missing a key component! At Troomi, we pride ourselves on being the best phone for kids, so you know we didn’t forget about the camera.

The love of taking pictures starts when kids are young, and it continues as they grow. We took that into account as we chose the Troomi phones, and we found some that your child is absolutely going to love. Read on for three reasons your child will love the camera on their Troomi phone. 

1. Kids Are Used to Great Tech

Why do kids want good cameras? Well, if there’s one thing kids don’t want, it’s to be treated like kids, right? In our experience, children are way more likely to actually use a phone if it feels like a “real” phone adults would use and not a “kids” phone. Most of our kids have grown up playing on iPads and watching HD TVs, and they’re used to quality tech. A less sophisticated kid’s version of a phone without the same capabilities just won’t do it. 

At Troomi, we pride ourselves on offering a phone we know kids will actually want to use. That’s why we offer sophisticated Samsung phones with great cameras. Choose between a Samsung A12 (16 MP multi lens camera) and an A32 (48 MP multi lens camera), and set your child free to take some great photos.

Think of how often you pull out the camera on your own phone. Would you use it as much if it took blurry photos and grainy videos? Our kids probably wouldn’t use a poor quality camera as much either. 

2. The Troomi Camera Will Help Foster Creativity

Our goal at Troomi is to empower kids to learn, do, and become anything. Our KidSmart™ apps are meant to help kids learn and explore the arts, and the camera is one of those apps. From the first string of selfies your child takes on your phone to the way they frame and snap pictures of their friends and places they visit as they get older, photography can help foster their creativity.

Taking pictures can be a form of self-expression, and it can help your child get to know themselves better, all while having fun. Plus, because Troomi offers SafeListed messaging, they’ll be able to share their pictures either through text or in person without worrying about being contacted by strangers. 

3. Your Kids Will Be Able to Share Experiences with Others

In recent years, our culture has focused more and more on visual sharing. Many of us send pictures or videos to our loved ones daily. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and thankfully, technology makes it super easy to share what’s going on in our lives through photos.

Photography can be a way kids connect with others, and they can even use it to connect with you, the parent! After all, how fun is it—for both you and them—when they can come home from a field trip or a friend’s house and show you pictures of their adventure? All of us love to share our lives through photos, and the incredible camera on Troomi phones enable our kids to do their own sharing. 

Troomi: Designed with Kids in Mind

At Troomi, we wanted to create a phone that will offer parents complete peace of mind, knowing that their child is able to contact them when needed but isn’t being exposed to the scary stuff that can come along with tech. We also wanted to create a phone that the kids themselves would love and use proudly. A quality camera was part of making a phone that appeals to kids, so we took that feature seriously. We can’t wait to hear about (and see!) the amazing photos your child takes with their Troomi phone.