The Pros of Technology for Kids

Reagan Fausett

Technology takes quite a beating from us as a society. We blame technology for destroying our kids, spying on us, and causing addiction. And let’s be honest, we all have the irrational fear that someday technology will turn against us and take over the world. 

Like anything, technology can be harmful if not used in moderation. When it’s used appropriately, however, it can help your child learn, grow, and reach their full potential.

Here are five benefits of technology for kids:

1. Technology is a Tool for Learning

As you saw during the pandemic, technology can be an important tool for learning. Though school through technology isn’t ideal, the benefits of technology are many. For example, there are countless educational apps that offer tutoring in every subject along with fun games and activities that make your child’s learning experience enjoyable. It can be easy for anyone to lose track of time when they’re on technology, so help your child regulate their use by getting them a Troomi phone with built in controls and features that promote healthy tech use.

2. Technology Can Build Problem Solving Skills

Remember trying to figure out those mind-boggling entanglement puzzles that required you to get two pieces of metal apart? Or challenging yourself with the Sudoku puzzle in the daily paper? It was these kinds of games that helped you gain problem solving skills as a child. Similarly, technology for kids gives your child access to thousands of these activities. Even navigating a new phone or device helps your child gain problem solving skills, as they learn by trial and error to complete certain functions. 

3. Tech Literacy Leads to Success

Have you ever noticed how fast your child figures out how to use a device? They might even know how to use it better than you! Because the younger generations have been raised in the tech world, they are essentially literate in technology. This literacy is one of the best benefits of technology for kids. As the world becomes more reliant on technology, your child will easily be able to adapt. Being technology literate gives your child the critical skills they need to make a successful business, secure a lucrative career, and make a difference in the world. 

4. Technology Encourages Creativity and Self Expression

Technology offers children a variety of ways to cultivate their creativity. Whether your child is interested in art, writing, photography, music, or if they just want to try something new, technology offers courses, apps, and tips to help your child express themselves. From creating their own worlds to recording a music video, your child will have all the tools they need thanks to technology!

5. Technology Makes Social Connection Easier

Is your child more timid when it comes to reaching out and making new friends? If so, technology can help them make the experience less scary. Social connection is one of the most obvious benefits of technology, and thus something we sometimes take for granted, but it can be a great tool for kids. Though meeting and talking with people through technology should never be a replacement for in-person interactions, it can definitely help get the ball rolling for those of us that are a little more on the introverted side.