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Why Teri Chooses Troomi

“Troomi has been the perfect phone for my youngest daughter. I wasn’t ready to give her a typical phone— but I wanted to be able to text or call her when needed. We can control how much access she has to the internet— and then give her more freedom as she matures and grows. Lucy loves the apps, cameras, and games she has access to. It’s been a win-win!!” 

— Teri Watkins
Blogger & Real Estate Agent

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Teri Watkins is a mother and wife who shares her passion for home renovations, lifestyle content, and real estate expertise as a Utah realtor, offering inspiring tips and ideas for creating beautiful, functional living spaces. Follow her journey for a blend of family life, home improvement projects, and insights into the Utah real estate market!

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Get $50 Off A Troomi phone

Use promo code: HAPPIESTHOUSE

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