Ten of the Best Apps for Child Development

It’s no secret that technology is changing the way we parent. Devices like smartphones are totally altering the way that children interact and develop in the modern world—and they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Just ask American kids: over 50% have a phone!

We here at Troomi believe that technology is a tool, not a trap. When used correctly, smartphones are amazing resources that can help children learn how to live (and thrive) in a digital world. That’s why Troomi phones feature KidSmart® Apps, a carefully curated collection of applications that amplify education, cultivate creativity, and inspire endless hours of fun.

Without further ado, here are ten of the best apps for child development that your kiddo can use on their Troomi phone.


Kids learn new things every day, so make the learning process fun with ABCmouse! 

Teachers and education experts deliberately designed this KidSmartⓇ App for kids aged 2–8. It features over 10,000 activities and lessons that are guaranteed to help children develop their reading, math, art, and music skills. ABCmouse even teaches kids basic financial skills as they use tickets to buy items and take care of digital pets. 


Did you know that kids learn languages quicker than adults? It’s true! Studies report that kids are better able to master foreign languages because they’re still developing their language processing skills. According to the experts, introducing kids to a foreign language before they turn ten may help them speak as fluently as a native speaker—so get your kids started early with Duolingo.

Duolingo is the perfect app to kickstart your child’s language learning journey. It works like a game: each lesson is like a level, and learners have to practice their speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills to move on to the next level. Duolingo features over 30 languages, including Spanish, French, Arabic, Russian, Norwegian, and Japanese, to name a few.


A kid’s life can be pretty busy. Between school, soccer practice, and spending time with family, it’s difficult for children to find time for stillness and serenity. That’s where Headspace comes in.

Headspace is one of my favorite KidSmart® Apps because it makes meditation and mindfulness accessible for kids of all ages. The app features all sorts of guided meditations, including “Wake Up” to start your day off right and “Sleep” to ease your child’s excited mind into slumber. Taking time to explore mindfulness helps kids increase their focus, reduce stress, and develop a greater sense of self-awareness—necessary tools to succeed at every stage of life.

HOMER Learn and Grow

Looking to give your kids an educational headstart? Check out HOMER Learn and Grow!

Made specifically for little ones that haven’t started elementary school, this cool KidSmart® App gives kids the confidence they need to thrive in both school and life. HOMER Learn and Grow introduces basic concepts like reading and counting in a way that works for your child. Inspire your kiddo to develop a love of reading from day one with HOMER Learn and Grow.

Khan Academy

If Khan Academy has a million fans, then I am one of them—and your teen likely is, too.

This KidSmart® App is the quintessential educational resource for kids and teens alike. Many of the best apps for child development help kids solidify the basics, but Khan Academy doesn’t stop there. The app features hundreds of courses that explore all sorts of subjects, from calculus to chemistry to the ins and outs of computer programming. Everyone has something they can learn from Khan—even us adults!

Khan for Kids

The lessons on Khan Academy may be a bit too advanced for younger children, but don’t despair: Khan for Kids is here to save the day. This app was created by the same folks that created Khan Academy, but with your younger kiddos in mind. Help your child learn their letters, grow their math knowledge, and spark a love of reading and writing with Khan for Kids.


If your child watches Arthur, then they’ll know that “having fun isn’t hard when you’ve got a library card!” The library is one of the best places to help kids develop a love of reading at an early age. So what could be better than the library? What about access to the library’s collection of audiobooks and e-books from the comfort of your own home!

That’s possible with the KidSmart® app Libby.

Libby connects your child’s Troomi device to your local library system. All they need to download millions of e-books and audiobooks is a Wi-Fi connection and a library card. Your child can even download their favorite books for offline reading and listening with Libby, so they can enjoy the finest literature anywhere and everywhere. 

My Diary

Kids have a lot of big feelings. Learning how to explore and regulate their emotions is one of the most important parts of a child’s development. One of the best ways to help kids do this is through journaling. According to Scholastic, journal writing “can help your children process feelings, build writing skills, and communicate their ideas.” 

It’s easy for your child to journal on-the-go with the Troomi KidSmart® App My Diary.

My Diary gives kids and teens a place to jot down their thoughts, feelings, emotions, and considerations. They can even add photos and customize their digital journal to make it truly their own. If your child’s feeling particularly creative, they can use My Diary to record some poetry!


Is your child a budding painter, sculpter, creator, or artist? Then the KidSmart® App Sketchbook is for them.

Every masterpiece begins with a sketch. The Sketchbook app gives kids a place to develop their artistic vision and explore their creative side using a wide array of tools, including digital brushes and pens. Helping kids freely cultivate their creativity from a young age is extremely beneficial for their emotional development. After all, exercising creativity helps with emotional processing, reduces stress, and strengthens skills like problem-solving.

Here’s the best part: your child can download Sketchbook for free!


As a former first grade teacher, I’m no stranger to using educational games in the classroom. Using video games as a developmental tool promotes a child’s learning in a fun, engaging, and interactive way. One of these games is Starfall.

Starfall is a teacher, tutor, and source of entertainment all in one. It gives children the extra tutelage they need to learn their letters, develop confidence in their abilities, and read with ease. The fun doesn’t stop there, though: Starfall can even help your kiddo become a math wiz. Teach your child how to recognize numbers, count, and perform basic addition with this cool KidSmart® App.

Education at Your Child’s Fingertips

Technology is amazing. It keeps us and our kids connected, entertained, and educated. When used correctly, tools like smartphone applications can help your child develop and grow into the best version of themselves that they can be. The best apps for child development make this possible—all from the comfort of your couch!