KidSmart™ Apps

Reagan Fausett

Nowadays you can find an app for just about anything. Soccer tips? There’s an app for that. Pet care? There’s an app for that. You name it—there’s an app. Many of these apps serve as great tools for kids. They can use an app to help practice math problems or start learning an instrument. Unfortunately, there are apps for things that you don’t want your kids exposed to as well. Pornography? There’s an app for that. Violent video games? There’s an app for that, too. 

So how do you ensure that your children are using apps with appropriate and beneficial content? You could use an app blocker or parental control app, but those can be pretty easily circumvented by a tech-savvy teen. What if there was an app store that only contained safe apps for kids to choose from? Good news: thanks to Troomi, there is!

Troomi’s KidSmart™ Apps

The Troomi team knows the struggles you go through as a parent to keep your child safe while using their device. That’s why they’ve taken the time to hand select a collection of apps that are both safe and smart that your child can enjoy. 

What Makes These Apps Smart?

The apps that the Troomi team has selected can help your child reach their full potential.  With apps like Khan Academy, Duolingo, and RoosterMoney, your child can use technology as an educational tool to improve their skills and learn new ones as well. If your child needs help with schoolwork or wants to practice their sketching, there are apps that can help them. And because Troomi offers some entertaining apps, you can limit screen time on your child’s Troomi device to help them regulate their usage and develop good technology habits. Because these are real apps that kids might use on a regular smartphone, your child will feel more in control of their phone usage and be able to make a smoother transition to getting a smartphone with no limits when they’re older. 

What Makes These Apps Safe?

The Troomi team has gone to great lengths to collect safe apps for kids that your children will enjoy. Each app has been tested by our professionals to ensure that there are no in-app browsers that we can’t control and no otherwise inappropriate content that could harm your child. Because of Troomi’s OS level security, even the most tech-savvy teens won’t be able to circumvent it, giving you peace of mind when it comes to your kids having smartphones. 

How Your Child Can Access KidSmart™ Apps

The Troomi app store comes with all of Troomi’s devices. These devices not only include KidSmart™ Apps, but they also offer usage limits, number safelisting, safe browsing, and parental controls. Our app store is always growing, so if there’s an app you or your child would love to see on your child’s Troomi device, be sure to recommend it on the Troomi website for our app team to review. 

If you’re looking for a device to help your child prepare to get a regular smartphone as an older teen or adult, Troomi is the choice for you! Troomi offers parents the ability to limit screen time and give their child more and more access to their device as they gain self-regulation skills and learn to use technology as a learning tool. This helps kids develop good technology habits that will facilitate their transition into becoming a responsible tech user for life. So check out Troomi to find a plan that’s right for your family!