Show-Stopping Show-and-Tell Ideas

Paige Geis Bradshaw
Show-Stopping Show-and-Tell Ideas

When I was in elementary school, Friday was known as “short day.” That meant school ended a whole two hours earlier than usual! (The greatest thing a kid could ask for.)

Friday was for the fun stuff. In addition to educational games or a math movie, I could always count on some show-and-tell time! The only trouble was coming up with the perfect presentation. I wanted to “wow” the crowd!

If your kiddo is stuck in the same situation, they have no need to fear. Simply scroll through these show-and-tell ideas with them. They’ll be sure to knock their classmates’ socks off!

Show-and-Tell Ideas for Kids

A brand-new Barbie® doll, a remote-controlled racecar, the family’s pet lizard—these all make magnificent show-and-tell subjects. But if your child isn’t a toy collector or animal lover, show-and-tell can be tough.

Stumped? Encourage your child to try out these awesome show-and-tell ideas for kids:

  • Bring a Bluetooth speaker and play your favorite song! Tell the class what you like about it. If you’re a dancer, you could even perform a dance to it!
  • Invite a grandparent and show them off to the class. Tell them what you like to do together, how often you get to see each other, and what makes them special!
  • Wear your favorite outfit to school. Show it off to the class and tell them why you love to wear it!
  • Bring your favorite book. What is it about? How many times have you read it? Tell the class the plot without spoiling the ending!
  • Do you collect anything? Maybe you have a collection of postcards, stuffed animals, or cool rocks. Pick a few of your most meaningful pieces and show them to the class. Tell them why you started collecting!
  • Bring a picture you’ve drawn or painted recently. Tell the class what supplies you used and what inspired the work of art!
  • Can you play a musical instrument? If it’s easy enough to carry to school, bring it in and play something for your classmates. It’s time to show off your skills!
  • Bring your favorite treat and share it with the class. It could be pieces of candy or something you made at home, like cake or cookies!

Creative Show-and-Tell Ideas

When it’s time for show and tell, your child doesn’t need to bring anything big or flashy to flaunt in front of their friends and peers. Show and tell offers an opportunity to come up with something creative!

Inspire your child to think outside the box with these creative show-and-tell ideas:

  • Perform a science experiment for your peers! Make a volcano explode, mix up a bowl of slime, or create some oobleck that will blow the class away.
  • Bring in a picture of you as a baby. Bring in baby pictures of family members, too. Can your classmates guess which baby is you?
  • Make a poster all about something you like. Do you like giraffes? Make a poster full of fun facts about them. You could also try making an “all about me” poster and tell the class fun facts about you!
  • Dress up as what you want to be when you grow up. Tell the class about that career and what makes you want to pursue it.
  • Try a guessing game! Think of your favorite food, book, season, or movie. Reveal clues about it to help the class guess the answer.
  • Show the class a cultural tradition your family practices at home. Maybe you even know another language! Teach a few words to your classmates.
  • Do you love to travel? Think of your favorite vacation spot and bring a few items that represent that location. Can your classmates guess the place based on the items you bring?
  • Show an easy craft you made at home. Then, bring some supplies and teach the class how to do it! Or you could try to make something you haven’t made before, like an origami swan or collage.

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