Five Awesome Ways To Encourage Creativity

We all want our children to be creative geniuses. I know that’s true for me, and I’m sure it’s true for you, too. But sometimes it can be difficult to know how to cultivate creativity. When we were kids, my brother loved Legos and building things with his hands. My sisters and I loved to paint and draw. We were always making something new, whether it was a robot out of cardboard boxes or an imaginary world on the wall with crayons (which our parents weren’t too crazy about). The world is changing so fast, though—and in some ways, that’s good news because our children are growing up in a more interactive world than ever before (just think of Snapchat, Instagram, and Minecraft). But there’s something lost when kids spend so much time on their computers or phones: creativity!

So let’s look at how we as parents can teach our kids how to cultivate creativity in this tech-dominated world.

Five Tips to Help You Learn How to Cultivate Creativity

1. Unstructured Playtime

Unstructured playtime is important for children. It allows kids to be kids and encourages creativity. Kids are able to imagine things that are beyond their reality, which helps them develop their imaginations and problem-solving skills.

Here are some examples of things you can do with your child to encourage unstructured play:

  • Take a walk around the neighborhood together
  • Get outside and go on a hike
  • Take a bike ride through the park

These activities will allow your child to have fun while absorbing all kinds of new information from the environment around them, like what kinds of bugs they can see along the way, who lives in different houses on their street (or other nearby streets), etc.! If it’s not nice enough out yet where you live, there are plenty other creative activities your kids can enjoy indoors!

2. Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts are a great way to stimulate your kid’s imagination, creativity, and even education. You and your kids can get crafty in many different ways, from making a craft using paper plates or tissue paper to painting on canvas. Not only do arts and crafts help develop a child’s skills, but they also teach kids how to use materials for artistic purposes.

While your child may not be able to express themselves well at first (don’t worry! It’ll come naturally with time), there are some activities that you can do with them that will help get the ball rolling. Try using Play-Doh, for instance! Play-Doh is an awesome way for kids of all ages to get crafty because it allows them to explore their creativity while getting their wiggles out.

3. Music 

Music can help you relax, and it’s also a great way to get your kids to be creative. One of the most important things when it comes to creativity is being able to express yourself in a way that makes sense for you as an individual. Music is fantastic for this because it gives people with different tastes an outlet for self-expression, whether it be through singing or playing an instrument.

Another great thing about music is how it can help children with learning disabilities like ADHD focus on the task at hand by giving their brain a break from constant stimulation.

4. Cooking

Cooking is a creative process. It can also be a great way to teach kids about nutrition, budgeting, and time management. To get your children interested in cooking, start with the basics. Teach them how to boil water and make toast, then move on to simple dishes that require only one pot or pan: macaroni and cheese, spaghetti, or grilled cheese sandwiches.

As they become more comfortable in the kitchen—and better at following instructions—you can expand your child’s repertoire with recipes for two-dish meals like burritos or tacos. And don’t forget about dessert! Kids love nothing more than making (and eating) their own food creations like homemade cookies or brownies!

5. Video Editing

Editing videos is a great way to get children to be creative. In fact, it can teach them about technology, the world around them, and much more.

There are many free video editing software programs available online that will allow you to edit videos quickly and easily, without any special knowledge or experience. There are even some options that work on mobile devices so your kids can start editing right away!

Teach your kids how to use these programs properly, then give them simple tasks like the following.

  • Put together a short video of themselves talking about their favorite things (such as pets, sports teams, or hobbies)
  • Create animated GIFs and share them on social media
  • Make a montage video with music from their favorite artists

How Will You Cultivate Creativity?

I know that creativity can be hard to come by in today’s fast-paced world, but that doesn’t mean it’s not important! We live in an amazing time where technology is more accessible than ever before, so take advantage of these tools and start creating with your kids. With all the different options listed above, there should be something for every age group—and hopefully one of these ideas will spark inspiration for your own creative project!