Safe Apps for Kids

Reagan Fausett

The Internet is an amazing tool that provides us with an unthinkable amount of information within a matter of seconds. With the Internet at their fingertips, your children can learn, create, and explore more than ever before. Yet, as you know, the Internet brings some bad along with the good. So how do you protect your child from exposure to dangerous or inappropriate content on the Internet? 

Here are a few safe apps for kids that can help you keep your kids protected:

1. KidzSearch Internet Filtering

The KidzSearch app is a free Internet filtering service that has partnered with Google to provide kids with a safe way to surf the web. KidzSearch uses actual Google results, but ensures that the adult content is filtered out. Say goodbye to accidental exposure to inappropriate content with KidzSearch Internet filtering!

2. Bark

Just like a good watchdog alerts you of potential threats, the Bark app helps you stay aware of any alarming activity such as cyberbullying, online-predator interactions, or suicidal comments made on any medium of communication. It also allows you to set usage limits on the Internet and certain apps. Because it only alerts you when there are detected issues, Bark gives you peace of mind while still allowing your child the privacy they deserve. 

3. Net Nanny

Net Nanny is a great option for ensuring your child is safe online. Its features include website and app blocking, screen time management, device-use reports, and search filtering. If you’re looking for an all-in-one protective app for your family’s devices, look into Net Nanny!

4. Kidslox

Kidslox is an app primarily for managing screen time. This app allows you to place limits on your child’s daily screen use.  Limit screen time with easy-to-use parental controls. With these controls, you can limit their device use during homework, dinner, and sleep time. Kidslox also offers a safe browsing feature that prevents your children from accessing or being exposed to inappropriate or dangerous content. 

5. SecureTeen

SecureTeen is the mother of all safe apps for kids. Parental controls, site-blocking capabilities, screen time management, text and call monitoring, and GPS tracking give you the ability to keep your child protected online and off. For a one-stop all-inclusive protection app, check out SecureTeen. 

Cons of Safe Apps for Kids

As great as many of these apps are, remember that they are just apps, and could potentially be bypassed by a tech smart teen. Though many of these safe apps for kids offer protection, they also are more conducive to monitoring and coercing your children rather than teaching them to develop safe and healthy tech habits. If your child associates these apps with an infringement on their freedom, they’ll likely try anything to get away from them, and when they’re out on their own, they will be relieved to have control over what they do on the Internet, but they still won’t have the skills to keep themselves safe. 

Troomi’s Mission

If you’re looking for a more tech-positive way to teach your children safe and responsible technology habits, check out Troomi! Troomi has military-grade security and OS-level hacker-proof software. With many of the features contained in the apps above, Troomi allows your child to learn to be responsible with tech as they incrementally gain more access to certain apps and sites. Remember, when it comes to tech use, don’t just restrict your child—facilitate their learning by teaching them tech use skills that they’ll use for the rest of their lives. And don’t forget to check out Troomi for more tips on how to develop a tech-positive learning environment!