No Pornography on Troomi Phones: How Do We Do It?

At Troomi, we are firm believers that kids can do anything they set their minds to. And while modern technology inspires creativity and encourages self expression, it also paves the way for some roadblocks—like pornography—that may affect a child’s ability to be their best self.

Did you know that 73% of kids are exposed to online pornography before the age of 18? Modern technology has made pornography more accessible than ever before, and in a world full of online dangers and sexual predators, it’s difficult to feel comfortable giving your child a smartphone. 

That’s where Troomi Wireless comes in!

Troomi’s kid-friendly, parent-approved smartphones have eliminated the threat of pornography entirely with the aid of our KidSmart™ Browser and all-inclusive Parent Portal. When you give your child a Troomi phone, you’re also giving yourself the peace of mind that accompanies knowing they can’t stumble upon any dangerous content. Troomi phones give you the ability to easily protect your children from porngraphy.

But why is pornography so dangerous, and how does Troomi eliminate this danger? Let’s get into it!

Why is Pornography so Dangerous?

It’s no secret that porn is dangerous to young people. Troomi phones cannot access pornography for a few reasons:

  • Early exposure to pornography is a form of trauma. According to Shayden Bertagnolli, MS LMFT, porn consumption leads to a cycle of silence and secrecy in young people, which “creates more loneliness for the pornography to soothe and thus the cycle continues and strengthens.” The best way to avoid this cycle is to help your kids avoid inappropriate content altogether.
  • Porn addiction is no walk in the park. Excessive consumption of pornography can alter the way the brain works, contributing to porn addiction. Verywell Mind reminds us that porn addiction can cause a strain in familial relationships, encourage risky behavior, and weaken control over pornography consumption.
  • Consuming porn encourages unhealthy and potentially violent attitudes towards sex. People are impressionable. Exposing them to the glamorized and often violent world of pornography can create a false narrative about what romantic partnership should be like. This ultimately influences a child’s attitude towards human sexuality. It’s vital that kids know that what is depicted in pornography is unrealistic and often shows unhealthy forms of sexual expression.
  • Teens may be inspired to take photos of themselves—and that’s illegal. Troomi writer Shanna Hovley puts it best: “Kids and teens might think that they have a right to take nude or other sexually explicit photos and videos of themselves. . .but even the act of possessing that content (let alone sharing it) is in violation of child pornogrpahy laws.” Click here to read Shanna’s helpful and informative article about protecting our kids from child pornography.

How Does Troomi Help Me Protect My Kids from Pornography?

Now that we know why Troomi phones remove the ability to access porn, let’s talk about how we do it!

  • Troomi phones use the KidSmart™ Safe Browser to keep the Internet clean. If your child is ready to learn responsible online habits, Troomi’s KidSmart™ Safe Browser lets them explore the web without risking accidental exposure to pornography. With the browser’s SafeListing feature, you can designate specific websites that your kid can visit. Any websites not added to the SafeList cannot be accessed.
  • SMS and MMS controls dissuade kids from sexting. Sexting and sending nude photos is one of the most prevalent forms of pornography—and it’s just as dangerous as regular porn. With a Troomi phone, you can help your kids learn how to use SMS and MMS text messaging safely by introducing it to them when they’re mature enough to handle the responsibility. SafeListing is also available for texting, so you can help your kids decide to whom they can send pictures and messages. Additionally, Troomi keeps a log of all texts sent, received, blocked, and deleted, all viewable within the Parent Portal.
  • KidSmart™ apps give parents peace of mind. There are a plethora of applications and games on regular smartphones that inadvertently allow access to inappropriate content like porn. Troomi phones combat this with our carefully curated collection of KidSmart™ apps. These apps are the best of the best, and have been carefully vetted by our team to ensure they are high quality, safe, and age appropriate. Best of all, they’re pretty darn fun!
  • Internet access for most apps is only available over Wi-Fi. For an added layer of safety, most Troomi apps work only when your child’s phone is connected to Wi-Fi. This ensures that your child is in a safe space when using the Internet, like at home, in school, or when visiting a family member or friend.

And don’t forget, if your child is struggling with a pornography problem, you can help them through it. Have an open conversation with them about the habit. Lead with love, lend a listening ear, and reassure your child that you are there to support them through thick and thin.

Troomi Helps You Empower Your Kids!

Technology is both a blessing and a curse, and the fear inherent to online dangers can seem crippling. So give you and your child some peace of mind with Troomi: the phone that eliminates pornography entirely.

Click here to learn more about Troomi, and don’t forget to keep an eye on the Troomi blog for more info and updates about the best kid-friendly smartphone on the market!