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Why Natalie Chooses Troomi

“I’ve been working in social media for 17 years. If anyone knows about the reality of spending time there, it’s me. My three kids are ages 10, 15, and 18 and we do not allow them to have a social media presence. Yes, even my 18-year-old. Most adults are struggling greatly with the mental impact of engaging in social media. Children and teenagers should have no place there. Yes, they want it. Of course, they do. But the studies are clear on the damage to these young brains. Especially teenage girls. Parents are the only line of defense. Troomi made that defense very simple. My kids are able to be in contact with their friends, listen to music, and have the apps we approve of. But in the end, we are completely in control of what they view.”

— Natalie Plummer

Boise & Idaho Social Media/Podcaster

More About Natalie

I’ve lived in Meridian for 14 years with my three kids and husband, Shane. Together we host the podcast The Boise Bubble – focusing on conversations about the Treasure Valley. I’m a huge fan of entrepreneurs and small businesses. Also good conversation. So I created a career revolving around that. Hello Meridian and the Boise Bubble Podcast both have a pretty simple purpose. Showcase amazing business, happenings, and people about the Treasure Valley.

Get $50 Off A Troomi phone

Use promo code: HELLOMERIDIAN