Learning through Leaves: Fall Activities for Elementary Students

fall activities for elementary students

Fall is a magical season of the year, where leaves change colors and the air turns crisp. It’s also a great opportunity for parents to engage with their children by encouraging them to get outside. They can explore the wonders of the season. For elementary schoolers, this is a prime time to engage in hands-on learning activities that will help them develop important skills they need for success in school and beyond. So, if you’re looking for fall activities for elementary students, discover our top tips for crafting engaging educational activities.

1. Leaf collecting and identification

This activity is a perfect way to get your child engaged in some physical activity while also teaching them about nature. Encourage your child to go on a leaf scavenger hunt where they can collect different types of leaves. Once they have collected several, help identify each one, using the Internet or a guidebook. Next, your child to differentiate between the leaves based on size, shape, and color. This activity allows your child to develop their observation and categorization skills therefore providing an opportunity to learn about the different types of trees in their environment.

2. Finger Painting with Leaves

Grab a few large leaves and set out some finger paint, and you’re ready to get creative with your elementary schooler. Encourage your child to paint using the leaves as a stamp, creating different patterns and designs that can be used for cards, posters or even a homemade bookmark. This simple but fun activity will help your child develop their manual dexterity and creativity. Furthermore it also provides an excellent opportunity to work on fine motor skills.

3. Apple Picking and Recipe Creation

Apple picking is a fun and educational activity that the whole family can enjoy. Once you’ve returned home with your bounty, challenge your child to help wash, prep and cook with the apples you’ve collected. You can create everything from applesauce to apple pies right at home. This activity can teach your child the importance of nutrition, cooking, and baking, and allows them to develop planning, measurement, and decision-making skills.

4. Sensory Learning with Leaves

This activity is all about exploring. Take a walk with your child on a trail or park and encourage them to find leaves that feel rough, bumpy, smooth or prickly. They can also try to figure out which leaves have a stronger smell using their noses and identify various tree sounds. These activities help your child develop their sense of touch, sight, and smell, and teaches them to pay attention to their surroundings. This activity also provides an excellent opportunity to teach your child the importance of nature conservation.

5. Scarecrow Building

Building a scarecrow is an excellent activity for the whole family. It allows your child to get creative and learn about autumn farms and gardens. Ask your child to design and build a scarecrow with some old clothes or even take it up a notch by making a scarecrow out of recycled material. This activity helps your child develop their critical thinking skills, creativity and problem-solving abilities. Additionally it allows them to understand how farmers work to protect their crops and fields.


Fall presents a unique chance for parents to engage their elementary school children in enjoyable and educational activities that build essential skills. Activities like apple picking, crafting, and finger-painting with leaves can enrich their understanding of the world. Alongside these experiences, Troomi Wireless offers a vital layer of protection, shielding kids from potential dangers and excessive screen time. Through its advanced GPS tracking, Troomi keeps parents informed about their children’s whereabouts in real time. Furthermore, Troomi helps manage screen addiction by enabling parents to establish healthy usage boundaries, fostering a balanced and secure environment for children to thrive.
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