KidSmartⓇ Apps: The Best Kid-Safe Messaging Apps

What’s your preferred way of communicating: phone calls, video calls, or texting?

If you said texting, you’re not alone. Since smartphones became commonplace, texting has quickly gained popularity as the world’s preferred way to communicate. We text to put together plans, share fun photos, and laugh over our favorite memes and jokes with faraway friends and family. And in 2023, it’s easier to text than ever (if you remember T9Word, you know what I mean).

We adults aren’t the only ones that text, though—kids and teens are pretty avid texters, too. In fact, Common Sense Media reports that over 75% of American teens text every single day. While younger kids don’t text as much as teens, more than half of the kids in the US have their own phone and can text, according to NPR.

Unfortunately, texting can be pretty sketchy when it comes to security. Prank texters, telemarketers, and messages from unknown numbers all present very real threats to kids’ safety.

That’s where Troomi comes in.

We at Troomi are dedicated to protecting your child’s safety and security as they explore the digital horizon. In addition to having an optional Safelisting™ feature that protects your child from receiving texts from unknown numbers, Troomi devices feature some of the best kid-safe messaging apps that help your kiddo stay in contact with loved ones while steering clear of trouble.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best kids’ texting apps that your child can download on their Troomi phone.


BAND is the messaging app for teens with a packed schedule. The app connects users together by creating spaces for groups to organize and communicate. Whether that group is a circle of friends, a sports team, or an actual band, BAND has space for everyone to communicate safely.

With features like the community board, shared calendar, polls, and to-do lists, it’s easy for teams and clubs to stay organized and connected. There’s even a private chat function, so your teen can securely text without having to share their personal phone number. The best part? Only people invited to your child’s groups can message them, so there’s no need to worry about strangers contacting your teens.


While BAND is only for teens 13 and up, younger social butterflies can stay connected using Band Kids. Designed for kids 6–12, Band Kids is a simplified version of the original BAND app. It gives kids a safe space to interact and message each other without more complicated features. For example, kids cannot

  • create a group
  • search or browse for public BAND groups
  • share their location
  • enact in-app purchases

With no ads or unwanted messages, BAND Kids is an excellent app to keep new texters safe as they chat.


Does your kiddo have a group of friends they want to text all at once? Are they looking for a way to chat with the whole family without blowing up everyone’s phone bill? GroupMe is the app for them!

As the name suggests, GroupMe gives users the ability to create group chats without the dangers of online chat rooms. Once users are added to a group on GroupMe, they can send messages, pictures, and videos just like they would when texting. Users can also like messages, hold group polls, and create calendar events all within the same chat. If your kiddo gets overwhelmed by GroupMe notifications, they can even put their chats on mute and check back when they have a free minute.

GroupMe is also a great app to help forge friendships with faraway family. My extended family lives all over the world, but our GroupMe chat keeps us connected as we send photos, memories, and the occasional inspirational thought.

Marco Polo

Texting isn’t the only way that kids can message in 2023—they can also send videos using apps like Marco Polo!

On Marco Polo, users are able to record short videos and send them directly to either individuals or groups. This makes Marco Polo a great choice for younger kids who don’t have the tech or linguistic savvy necessary to text yet. There are also fun face filters on the pro version that kids (and adults) will get a kick out of. The app is intuitive and easy to use, so even the smallest hands can communicate with Marco Polo.

Marco Polo is also a great messaging app in terms of security: it doesn’t collect data and there’s no way for strangers to contact your child. 

Messenger Kids

When it comes to the best kids texting app, look no further than the Messenger Kids app.

Designed for kids and teens, this version of the classic Facebook Messenger application is one of the most secure kids’ texting apps out there. Every conversation is protected by end-to-end encryption and the wide array of parental controls let you personalize your child’s experience. On the Messenger Kids app, kids can text, send voice messages, and video chat. They can even send funny sound effects, stickers, emojis, and GIFs to inject some personality into the conversation. 

While Messenger is tied to Facebook, your child doesn’t need their own account to use Messenger Kids. Instead, their messages are tied to your account. As such, it’s easy for you to manage your kids’ contact list, monitor their messages, and set usage limits without needing them to make their own social media account.

Text the Wise Way: Try Troomi

In 2023, texting is a pretty integral part of our daily lives—and it isn’t going anywhere soon. In fact, it’ll only get more ubiquitous! As such, it’s important for parents to help their kids stay safe as they text. This goal is easy to achieve with the world-class kid-safe messaging apps offered on Troomi phones.In addition to getting your child set up on a kids texting app, make sure to teach them the basics of safe smartphone behavior and help them set good phone habits. By providing your child with the tools and know-how necessary to text responsibly and securely, you can take a deep breath and rest easy with the knowledge that they’re safe.