Keep Your Kids Safe from Strangers with Troomi

Picture this: you and your kids are sitting on the front porch, sipping on lemonade and basking in the warm sun, when you hear your phone ring. At first you’re a little annoyed, but that annoyance turns to excitement as you wonder who could be calling. Is it your sister? Or maybe it’s an old friend calling to talk about your favorite reality show! As you pick up your phone and look at the screen, that excitement soon fades back into annoyance: the caller ID says “unlisted”—just another spam call.

Calls from unknown numbers are annoying, exhausting, and at their worst, dangerous. We adults know not to answer these calls, but the same can’t be said about our kids. And while we’d like to trust that our kids know about stranger danger and wouldn’t reveal any personal info, you never know how convincing unknown callers can be.

Cue Troomi!

Troomi Wireless protects your kids from unknown numbers so that you don’t have to. Our kid-friendly, parent-approved smartphones are the best way to ensure that strangers have no way of contacting your kids. With our optional SafeListing™ feature, kiddos will receive calls only from people already on their contact list. Talk about safety!

Before we talk about how Troomi helps rid your child’s phone of unknown numbers, let’s learn a little more about these calls and why kids shouldn’t have to deal with them.

Why Should I Worry About Strangers Calling My Kids?

Usually, calls from unknown numbers are simply spam. A spam call is an unsolicited and unwanted call from an unknown individual, often with the intention to scam or trick the call’s recipient. Callers will either try to sell you something or ask for personal and identifiable information. 

Many people on our planet are kind hearted and good. There are always exceptions, however, and these bad eggs may think it’s easy to take advantage of kids. Here are a few reasons we should be worried about strangers contacting our kids:

  • The more they answer, the more calls they recieve. Kids love getting phone calls, and are likely to answer any time their phone lights up. If your child answers a call that ends up being spam, their number is considered “good” and is more likely to be contacted again! The less they answer, the fewer calls they receive.
  • Callers ask for personal information. Some unknown numbers may be calling to attain personal information, which can then be used to gain access to private banks or credit card accounts. Some of these scams are so realistic that even adults fall for them, so the risk of our kids revealing personal information is nothing to scoff at.
  • Unknown callers may be child predators. This one’s a little heavier, but that makes it all the more important to be aware of. Modern technology has made it easy for criminals like child predators to find unsuspecting kids in places like online chat rooms and social media. Keep your kids safe by putting their number on a secure safelist.

Keep Your Kids Safe with SafeListing!

Calls from unknown numbers are annoying and frightening, but with Troomi, they’re a thing of the past.

Troomi phones come with a SafeListing™ feature that protects your kids from both spam calls and texts, effectively eliminating any accompanying worries or fears. SafeListing ensures that your child can only receive calls and texts from people on their parent-approved Contact List. 

We recognize that kids grow and develop, and that their need for freedom and independence similarly builds. As your kids get older and develop more responsibility, you can give them the freedom to add numbers to their safe contact list themselves. If you’re ready to place a lot of trust in your kiddo, the final step is the complete removal of SafeListing restrictions. Keep in mind, this means that anyone can contact them!

How do I Use the SafeListing Feature?

Troomi’s SafeListing feature is accessible and easy to use—it’s all done in the Parent Portal!

  • When you first log into the Parent Portal, you’ll see a bar on the right side with a few icons. To access SafeListing, click on “Settings,” then “Contact Settings.”
  • Here, you’ll be able to decide the rigidity of your child’s SafeListing. Once you click on the little bubble next to the rules that match your situation, you’re done. 

How Do I Add New Contacts?

Just like turning on SafeListing, adding new contacts is simple:

  • Click on the “Contacts” button to be taken to your child’s contact list.
  • In the top right corner of the “Contacts” tab, click the button that says “Add Contact.”
  • Now you can add new contacts and decide which kids these contacts are able to get in touch with. Don’t forget to add a photo so you know who’s who!
  • You can also approve (or deny) any contact requests that your kids may have sent in. Click on “Contacts” again, then “Requested Contacts” to look at their list.

Troomi Phones Rock!

And there you have it! Who knew it was so easy to protect your kids from unwanted callers?
Click here to learn a little more about Troomi’s mission to choose optimism over fear, and don’t forget to keep an eye on our blog for more cool updates in the future.