Introducing Phones to Kids in a Safe Way

Jennifer Johnson

It seems like kids are getting phones at younger and younger ages, which means that parents are faced with deciding how to introduce their child to tech earlier and earlier. Troomi co-founder and CEO Bill Brady was recently included in a local news feature in Ohio about keeping kids safe while giving them their own phone.

“If we can introduce phones to kids in a safe way, it’s also a good preparation for them to become disciplined and mature users of technology as they grow older,” Bill said.

Troomi phones grow along with your kids—you can add functionality as your child matures. We’re focused on empowering kids to chase their dreams, and technology can enable them when used safely.

As Bill said, “It allows parents to cater the experience to a nine-year-old versus a 12-year-old versus a 15-year-old. We still eliminate all the negative stuff. No pornography, no social media, no addictive games.”

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