How to Setup Remote Learning Space for Kids at Home

While many schools aren’t fully remote this year (you can almost hear parents everywhere cheering), it’s important for your kids to have a space where learning can happen in your home. Developing skills to learn and work effectively from home can be a great benefit to your child in an increasingly virtual world. Whether it’s everyday reading or studying for a test, knowing how to set up a remote learning space for kids can help set your kids up for success. 

The benefits of having a good distance learning workspace include greater productivity, more solid study routines, and an increased ability to concentrate and accomplish assignments. Let’s explore a couple of ideas that will make your at home learning set up an A+. 

Have a Designated Working Space

Have you ever tried working from your bed? Chances are that decision resulted in either a Netflix binge or a long nap, which I’m assuming neither were actually on your to do list for work. If working in bed isn’t going to work for you, it definitely won’t for your kids!

Whether they have a virtual tutoring session, are writing a paper, or answering math questions, having a designated remote learning setup at home will make all the difference for your kids. Find a desk or table specifically for your kids and designate a special area for doing their work. Be strategic in the placement of your study spot so you can be there to supervise if your kids are young. Having a designated spot for remote learning or homework can help your child solidify that when they’re at that desk, it’s learning time!

Give Them all the Tools They Need

The first tool your child will need is a technology plan! Advancements in technology have opened doors for remote learning and even daily homework. Because of these advancements, it’s important for your child to have good technology habits when it comes to their at home learning.

Troomi can help with monitoring your child’s phone activity and restrict app usage to just apps that can help support their education and focus. Help set your kids up for success with Troomi by setting up the specific hours they can access productivity apps, and different hours they can use entertainment apps. You can also help your kids by setting limits on the amount of time they can use their “fun” apps. With these great app regulating features, you’ll help decrease distractions, and increase productivity. Other things to consider are WiFi connection, a tablet or computer for them to use, and keeping distractions like TV away.

Be sure to keep pencils, paper, highlighters, and a calculator all stocked at the desk. Before your kids are ready to sit down for their homework time, go over their assignments with them and see if they need any additional supplies. This will prevent the classic “but I just need to grab something” avoidance trick from popping up when you know everything they need is right there. 

Make Adjustments as They Grow

As kids grow, their distance learning workspace will need some changes. Young kids will likely need a little more help with their homework and some extra supervision to stay on task. Having elementary school students set up in a room where you can be easily accessible will help you to teach them how to focus and complete their work efficiently.  

When students get into middle school and high school, they may need a little more peace and quiet. Have a setup that is in line with your child’s learning style. You can be a supportive parent by helping them find a place to study that is conducive to their productivity and focus. 

Personalize it!

A remote learning setup at home doesn’t have to be boring! Have your kids help you in designing their work space so that it’s a place they want to be. When they own their space, they’ll own what happens in that space. Give them a good chair, enough space to spread out, and some fun artwork to inspire and encourage their creativity. 

Helping your child set personal goals and posting them in their distance learning workspace can help remind them why they’re doing what they’re doing. It’s the simple things that can really help them to be more productive, motivated, and confident in their ability to successfully complete any kind of school work from home.