How Does Troomi Stop Cyberbullying?

Reagan Fausett

Cyberbullying is no laughing matter. As much as we would like to think that our children are safe from bullying when they’re at home, the unfortunate truth is that cyberbullying can reach your child no matter where or when, and the effects can be devastating. Knowing this, it can be hard to have peace of mind as a parent, but have we got news for you! Troomi stops cyberbullying in its tracks. How? Read on to find out!

KidSmart Apps

One of the ways Troomi protects your child from cyberbullying is through their vetted KidSmart apps. The Troomi team has meticulously vetted each app to ensure that your child can’t be contacted by strangers or exposed to inappropriate content. Troomi also blocks all social media on their phones, so your child can’t be contacted through platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, or Twitter, which often harbor many known and anonymous cyberbullies. Cyberbullies often hide behind anonymous social media accounts where they know they can’t be discovered. Without access to third party communication apps and social media, your child can avoid many potential encounters with cyberbullying. 

Website SafeListing

Just because your child doesn’t have access to the app doesn’t mean they can’t access social media. There are plenty of workarounds that kids can use to access social media. Luckily, Troomi covers those, too. Troomi prevents your child from accessing any websites that haven’t been approved by you—including social media and other communication sites. If your child has no way to communicate through apps or the Internet, they won’t be contacted by cyberbullies through those means. And your child likewise won’t be tempted to participate in cyberbullying through those means either. 

Contact SafeListing

With website SafeListing and KidSmart Apps, Troomi has your child covered when they use the Internet, but what about those they contact through texting or calling? Good news! Troomi has taken care of that, too. With Troomi, you can choose who can contact your child and who your child can contact. There are a few ways you can SafeList contacts with Troomi. Depending on the setting you choose, your child can add a contact to their phone with no approval, or when they add a contact, you have to either approve it immediately or within seventy-two hours. With parent-approved contacts, your child will be protected from unsolicited scam calls and others with hurtful intentions, like cyberbullies. 

Keep Your Kids Safe with Troomi

Being a kid is tough enough as is. Between puberty, braces, and finding friends, your kids have plenty to deal with without having to face cyberbullies on top of it all. If you’re concerned about your kids becoming victims of or participating in cyberbullying, Troomi is the phone for your family. With Troomi, your kids can be safe from cyberbullies who might harass them on the Internet, apps, or over text. So check out Troomi today and give you and your kids peace of mind when it comes to cyberbullying!