Five Ways Teens Can Use Technology as a Tool

Reagan Fausett

We’re all pretty well-versed on the dangers of technology. Especially the dangers that come when you mix teens and technology. As a parent, you make sure you’re up to speed on what apps and devices your children are using so you can help keep them safe. But what about the ways technology can help your child? Though it’s important that your children know the dangers of technology, they also need to know how it can benefit them. After all, teens and technology share a future, and if your teen doesn’t know how to use technology as a tool, they might find themselves developing an unhealthy reliance on tech. So let’s take a look at five positive ways your teen can use technology.

 Technology as a Learning Tool 

Teenagers may be starting to find their niche, but there’s still so much to explore. Using technology as a learning tool makes picking up a new hobby or skill easier than ever. Your teen can use hundreds of websites and apps to learn anything from playing the guitar to painting. Not only can your kids learn new hobbies through technology, but they can also learn life skills like making a budget or creating a website. 

Technology as an Educational Tool

After a grueling year of COVID, you know how hard it can be to help your kids with their school work. Luckily, using technology as an educational tool gives your child the resources they need to succeed in their education. Educational apps and websites offer tutoring for every subject imaginable to help your kids with the areas where you might be a little too rusty (who remembers anything about chemistry?).

Technology as a Tool for Creativity

Expressing yourself as a teenager can be hard. Many teens find creative outlets in music, dance, or art, but for those who haven’t yet found a way to express their creativity, technology helps them find their voice. With technology, kids cultivate creativity by developing their art skills, trying out photography, making their own music videos, or even creating their own virtual worlds from the comfort of their own home.

Technology and Problem Solving

Have you ever called over one of your kids to help you with a frustrating tech problem and they figure it out in a matter of minutes? How do they do it? Because these kids have lived with technology their whole lives, they’ve learned how to troubleshoot virtually any tech problem they come up against. Though tech troubleshooting is an everyday problem, these skills might come in handy in your child’s future. Not only does tech troubleshooting help develop problem solving skills, but it could wind up taking center stage in your child’s career. 

Technology and Making Connections

One of the biggest benefits of technology is connecting with others. Whether it be with friends or family, technology helps you keep in contact. Technology helps your teens stay connected to their friends and even make new connections with other teens that share their same interests. Tech also helps you keep in contact with your teens so they can keep you updated on where they are and what they’re doing.

While there will always be concerns about teens and technology, remember there are pros and cons to everything. With your help, your teens can learn to use technology as a tool. And check out Troomi for information on how technology can empower your child to achieve their full potential!