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Why Beth Chooses Troomi

“My parenting goal isn’t just to protect my kids, but rather to guide them as they learn how to navigate life wisely. The Troomi phone allows me to keep their phone features age-appropriate and adjust over time as they learn responsibility. My girls love it because it’s a Samsung and doesn’t look like a “kid phone” so it’s a win for both of us!” 

— Beth Giles
Simple Healthy Living Tips

More About Beth

Beth Giles lives in Long Beach, CA with her husband, 2 girls, and 1 darling German shepherd. After her daughter got sick with a respiratory illness, Beth began on a healing journey and now shares Simple Healthy Living Tips that incorporate physical, emotional, and mental wellness with her community and on Instagram @salvagelife.

Get $50 Off A Troomi phone

Use promo code: SALVAGELIFE