Win That Costume Contest: Family Halloween Costume Ideas

Jennifer Johnson

October is upon us, and that means Halloween parties are coming up and time is running out to come up with the perfect costume ideas. Dressing up for Halloween is tons of fun, and the make-believe of it all can help your child’s creativity and imagination. Plus, building costumes together can be a perfect excuse for some tech-free family time. If you’re the type of family who loves to dress up together and you need some ideas, we’ve got your back! Below you’ll find 14 of our best family Halloween costume suggestions.

  1. Addams Family. A timeless classic. The parents can be Morticia and Gomez Then you have Wednesday and Pugsley, and if the dog needs a costume, there’s always Cousin Itt!
  2. Mario Kart. There are so many characters to choose from here. You’ve got Mario and Luigi, and you can add Princess Peach, Yoshi, Toad, and even Bowser.
  3. Sports team. If you’re looking for something easy, grab everyone a jersey for your favorite soccer, football, baseball, or basketball team. If you want, you can have referees too!
  4. Farm animals. Another option where the possibilities are plenty. Horse, cow, pig, duck—the wide-open farm sky is the limit on this one.
  5. Duck Duck Goose. Along those same lines, how about you dress as two ducks and a goose and see who recognizes the reference?
  6. Fruits and/or vegetables. Here you have grapes, a banana, an orange, a tomato, a carrot, and celery all as options, among plenty of others.
  7. Fast food. Someone in the family can be a burger, someone can be fries, and then you have a shake and onion rings as possibilities too.
  8. Emojis. This idea could take a couple different directions. You each could each wear a shirt with a different emoji face on it, or you could act out the different action emojis (dancing woman, skier, yoga emoji, etc.).
  9. Utensils. Fork, knife, spoon, spatula—you get the idea.
  10. Characters from your favorite TV show. Fans of The Office? You could dress as Jim, Pam, Dwight, and Kevin. Seinfeld loyalists? How about Jerry, Kramer, Elaine, and George? This one allows for plenty of creativity and personalization.
  11. Ghostbusters. What if the parents were ghostbusters and the kids were all ghosts?
  12. Where’s Waldo—and Wanda. It’s pretty simple to put together Waldo outfits for everyone in the family. Red and white shirts can easily be ordered!
  13. The Seasons. Represent the different seasons’ weather with a snowy winter, flowery spring, sunny summer, and leafy fall.
  14. A beekeeper and their bees. Everyone can dress as a bee except for one beekeeper.

Hopefully this will get your creative juices flowing. The best thing about Halloween costumes is that the options are practically endless. We know you’ll find the perfect idea for your family, and even if you don’t, there’s always next year!

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