Why Do Teens Wear Hoodies in the Summer?

why do teens wear hoodies in the summer

You might have often wondered why your teenagers don’t seem to part with their hoodies even during the scorching heat of the summer. Truth be told, this is not just a fashion statement gone wrong but rather a trend embedded in the Gen-Z culture. As parents, it’s imperative to understand the underlying reasons and psychology of this phenomenon to become more empathetic towards your teens. In this blog, let’s decode the question of why do teenagers wear hoodies in summer.

Comfort reigns supreme

 Unlike adults, teenagers prioritize comfort over everything else, and hoodies offer just that. These oversized sweatshirts are made with a soft and warm fabric that feels comforting to the skin. Additionally, the hood provides an easy escape from the sun’s glare, especially when they are outdoors. Most teens find it easier to complete their daily activities without feeling sweaty in a hoodie than a tight-fitting T-shirt.

Aesthetic appeal 

We all know how much teenagers love to look cool in front of their peers. Hoodies, especially the ones with graphic designs or bold logos, add an element of chic that is hard to miss. They make quite an impression, giving non-verbal cues about the individual’s personality, interests, and beliefs. Thus, donning a hoodie empowers teenagers to express themselves without uttering a word.

Sense of security

 As contradictory as it may sound, hoodies can also offer a sense of security to teenagers. Adolescence is a turbulent period marked with changes in physiology and emotions. Many teenagers may struggle with low self-esteem or anxiety, which hoodies can help cover up. The oversized nature of these sweatshirts allows them to hide their physical insecurities or just create a feeling of safety for themselves.

Protection from judgmental eyes 

Teenagers are often harshly judged by society for their clothing choices and differences. Hoodies, in a way, act as a shield against those judgmental stares. Most teens believe that they can avoid unwanted attention or criticism by wearing a hoodie. This perception arises because of the hoodie’s casual and comfortable nature that is associated with a laidback attitude.


Lastly, hoodies are versatile and can be paired with almost anything that’s already present in your teenager’s closet. From shorts and flip-flops to sneakers and jeans, hoodies can be worn over any outfit without having to fret about the mismatch. As parents, this versatility can be quite cost-effective since it reduces the need to buy extra clothes for your teenager’s existing wardrobe.


Decoding the psychological motives behind a teenager’s hoodie obsession can provide valuable insights into their needs during their formative years. As parents, it’s essential to strike a balance between our expectations and those of our teens, ensuring they feel heard and respected. Remember, a teenager’s clothing choices are just one of the many ways they express themselves. In a similar vein, companies like Troomi Wireless, which offers safe phones for kids, help parents provide a sense of security while respecting their children’s increasing independence. This approach encourages healthy communication and allows teens to explore their self-expression while keeping parents’ minds at ease.

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