Why Do Kids Have to Go to School?

why do kids have to go to school

Parents around the world face the same question every year: why do kids have to go to school? While some children love their school, some find it boring. However, as parents, it is essential to understand the importance of education and why it is crucial for children to go to school.

Education is Important

Education is essential as it shapes a child’s mind and helps shape their future. It provides a foundation for the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in life. Kids learn math, science, language, art, and more in school, which are essential in their personal and professional lives.

Social Development

School is not just about academics, but it is also about social development. Children are exposed to different personalities and backgrounds and learn social skills like communication, teamwork, leadership, and conflict resolution. These skills will help them to navigate life’s challenges and develop healthy relationships as they grow older.

Building Confidence

School provides an opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities, which help build confidence and self-esteem. Children can explore their interests, whether it is joining a sports team, playing a musical instrument, or participating in a drama club. These activities help them gain experience, discover their passions, and develop their personalities.

Responsibility and Independence

School helps children to become responsible and independent individuals. They learn to manage their time, follow a routine, and complete assignments on their own. These essential skills will help them soar in life and excel academically and personally.

It is the Law

In most countries, education is compulsory by law. This means that parents have a responsibility to ensure that their children attend school. When parents comply with this law, they are ensuring that their children receive the education they need to build a great future.


Sending children to school is not a choice but a responsibility that every parent must take seriously. By providing education, parents are giving their children tools to succeed and become responsible, independent, and self-reliant individuals. It is essential to remember that education is not just about academics but also about developing social skills, confidence, responsibility, and independence. Let’s not neglect the importance of education for our children and invest in their future through their academic pursuit. If you liked these parenting tips check out the rest of our blog. We give parents safe solutions to modern technology with our Troomi phone and our Troomi XG03. We also write about modern safe solutions to parenting in this crazy world. 

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