Wholesome Bites: Kid-Friendly Side Dishes to Complete Any Meal

Kiko Anderson
kid friendly side dishes

Kids seem to be naturally drawn to sugary and salty snacks, and they often turn their noses up at fruits and veggies. However, we want to ensure that children are getting the proper nutrition they need to grow and thrive. That’s why we’ve put together this list of kid-friendly side dishes that are both healthy and delicious. These dishes are easy to make, and they’ll add a nutritious boost to any meal.

1. Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a great source of vitamin A, potassium, and fiber, making them an excellent choice for a healthy side dish. To make roasted sweet potatoes, simply wash and chop the sweet potatoes into bite-sized pieces, toss them in olive oil, sprinkle them with a little bit of salt, and roast them in the oven at 375 degrees for about 35-40 minutes, or until they’re crispy and golden brown. Kids will love the sweet and savory flavor of these roasted sweet potatoes.

2. Kids Cheesy Broccoli

Broccoli is a nutrient-dense powerhouse that’s packed with vitamin C, vitamin K, and fiber. But let’s face it, some kids just don’t like the taste of plain broccoli. That’s where cheesy broccoli comes in. Simply steam some broccoli until it’s tender, then stir in some shredded cheese until it’s melted and bubbly. Kids will love the cheesy goodness, and you’ll love that they’re getting a serving of veggies.

3. Baked Carrot Fries

Carrots are another veggie that’s loaded with nutrients like beta-carotene and fiber. Baked carrot fries are a fun and tasty way to get your kids to eat their veggies. Simply cut some carrots into thin, fry-shaped pieces, toss them in olive oil and a sprinkle of salt, and bake them at 400 degrees for about 20-25 minutes, or until they’re crispy. Kids will love the crunchy texture, and you’ll love that they’re getting a serving of veggies.

4. Garlic Green Beans

Garlic green beans are a great source of vitamins C and K, as well as fiber. But sometimes, plain green beans can be a little boring. Add some flavor and pizzazz to your green beans by sautéing them in a little bit of olive oil and garlic until they’re tender and slightly browned. Kids will love the garlicky flavor, and you’ll love that they’re getting a serving of veggies.

5. Kid Friendly Side Dishes With Fruit

Everyone loves a good fruit salad, and it’s a great way to get your kids to eat more fruit. Cut up some of your child’s favorite fruits, and toss them together in a bowl. You can also add a splash of orange juice for some extra zest. Kids will love the sweet and tangy flavors, and you’ll love that they’re getting a serving of fruit.


Getting your kids to eat healthy can be a struggle, but with these kid-friendly side dishes, mealtime can transform into a fun and nutritious experience. These dishes are not only easy to make but also add a wholesome boost to any meal, ensuring your children receive the nutrients they need. As you prioritize your child’s well-being, consider Troomi Wireless, a secure smartphone designed for kids with strong parental controls. With Troomi, parents can access their children’s location anytime using the GPS location app, providing an additional layer of safety and ensuring a worry-free experience while embracing technology responsibly. Combining nutritious meals and a safe digital environment, you can create a nurturing space that fosters your child’s growth and development in every aspect of life.

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