Whodunit Wonders: Uncover the Magic of Mystery Books for Kids

Kiko Anderson
mystery books for kids

Mystery books are a great way for kids to develop a love for reading! Mystery stories are entertaining, inspiring, and intellectually stimulating, making them a great genre for kids of all ages. Not only do they provide a thrilling read, but they also help kids develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. So, if you’re looking for great mystery books for your kids, then you’re in luck! There are so many whodunit wonders that are just waiting to be uncovered.

1. Nancy Drew Kids Chapter Books

One of the classic mystery book series that has stood the test of time is the Nancy Drew books. In these chapter books for kids Nancy, a girl detective, solves mysteries with her best friends, Bess and George. The books are an amazing blend of old-style investigator work with modern plot twists, humor, and strong female lead characters. The language is simple and easy to follow, making them perfect for young readers.

2. The Hardy Boys books

The Hardy Boys book series follows the adventures of two brothers, Frank and Joe Hardy, as they investigate and solve crimes. The series is known for its simple but exciting prose and action-packed storylines. These kids chapter books are perfect for boys who love adventure, action, and of course, mystery!

3. Kid-Friendly A to Z Mysteries

The A to Z Mysteries series by Ron Roy follows the lives of three kids who love solving mysteries. The books include fun illustrations and the mysteries are easy for kids to solve. Kids learn vocabulary and practice their problem-solving skills alongside Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose.

4. Cam Jansen Mystery Books for Kids 

Cam Jansen is an amateur detective who has a photographic memory. With a click of her mind, she can recall past details that help her solve mysteries. The series is written by David A. Adler and the books are perfect for young readers who are starting to feel confident reading chapter books.

5. The Secret Series

The Secret Series by Enid Blyton follows siblings Peggy, Mike, Nora, and Jack as they solve mysteries and unravel secrets. The series is excellent for kids who love adventure and puzzles. The characters are likable and relatable, and the stories keep even young readers on the edge of their seats.


Mystery books are a perfect way to engage and inspire your kids to read more. They not only offer great entertainment but also help in improving their cognitive and analytical faculties. With so many great whodunit wonders to choose from, your kids will never be bored. So why not introduce your kids to the magic of mystery books today! With Troomi Wireless, a safe smartphone for kids that is parent-controlled, your children can have access to a variety of reading apps like Kindle, Libby, and Audible, which are all part of Troomi’s approved KidSmart® Apps. They can enjoy reading these captivating mystery books anytime and anywhere, fostering a love for reading and expanding their imagination.

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