What is an Unboxing Video? What is #Trending Right Now?

YouTube can be a great place to learn new things like cooking or how to master a British accent. Teens can watch videos on how to break down the nuances of a complex Shakespeare play or discover pilates from the nineties. Mostly it’s used for music or other entertainment. One of the trends on YouTube currently is unboxing vlogs. As trends ebb and flow, it’s important to understand the service and how to keep your kids safe surfing YouTube. 

What is an unboxing video?

Unboxing videos are pretty much what they sound like—people film themselves unboxing/opening a package. Occasionally, it’s as simple as opening their most recent Amazon order of plastic containers for better pantry organization. But more often, these unboxing videos are about a specific item. Companies gift products they want an influencer to advertise, or someone may want to open and use their latest high-tech gadget on video to give a live review. Usually these videos are family-friendly. They can be a lot of fun to watch, especially if you’re interested in purchasing one of these unboxed items. There is the possibility of your teens wanting to purchase some of the expensive gear they see their favorite YouTuber unbox. Additionally, since some of these products are marketed for adults, there may be some explicit language used by the vlogger. My recommendation is just to look at a YouTube channel’s content over a few videos to see what is usually presented. You just might stumble across some great grocery hauls too! Who doesn’t need new dinner ideas? 

The Magic Behind Unboxing on YouTube

While watching these videos ranges from entertaining to informational, there are some things to bear in mind about the behind-the-scenes. A particularly magical type of unboxing video is that of the Christmas variety. Watching a family open Christmas presents together can be a heart-warming experience. Many of them come from family vloggers, and you can get glimpses not only at their purchases, but the cute kids and pets in the background as well! Everyone has a different level of privacy they want to maintain for their kids. Keep in mind teens may want to start their own YouTube channel, in which they film themselves, your home, and your other children. Additionally, these unboxing videos mean packages with your address are being filmed. There are ways to blur your address out, but there is the risk of missing it in the editing process. Magical doesn’t always mean safe, so be sure you and your kids are aware of what dangers exist and how to protect your home and family. 

Are unboxing videos legal?

Generally, unboxing videos are legal. There are some limitations to be aware of, especially if you or someone in your household is considering uploading this style video. For example, kids are protected from certain marketing strategies, or having their information collected if under the age of 13 (COPPA law).


Are unboxing videos still popular? These videos are so popular, some channels use this as their main content. It is also a style of video which regularly brings new viewers to channels and garners new subscribers. Because of their potential to increase channel traffic, newer YouTubers often ask how do I make a good unboxing experience? You or your teen may be asking the same question!

  • Lighting: Natural lighting by a window always looks best, as any photographer out there knows! Ring lights can be purchased rather inexpensively online that clip to the top of your tripod, laptop, or phone. If you’re filming something which has light-up features, turn off your lights to demonstrate this.
  • Music: Background music can make an unboxing video more fun, especially if it matches the video theme. Unboxing Halloween decor? Play some spooky tunes. Remember to follow copyright laws and not to play it too loud!
  • Personality: Be enthusiastic about what you’re sharing! Also try to keep your comments short and sweet rather than staying on one item for too long.
  • Prep: Have everything set up and boxes pre-opened. This doesn’t mean you’ve unwrapped everything and taken a peek, though. But it saves time for the viewer, or yourself from editing all that footage out later.

Opening live on camera is one of the most popular aspects of these videos because it is entertaining to see the real reaction to the products. For parents, this aspect is also popular because the authentic feedback can help determine if an expensive item is worth the ticket price.

Speaking of expense…

As your kids watch videos of influencers opening packages of expensive products, it’s natural that they will want to own these same items. If the price is too high for your budget, here are a few tips for addressing that with your kiddos:

  • Talk to your kids about the value of items in your home. Tell them how much some of these things cost, and ask if they feel like that was a fair price. Have them compare that to the item they want.
  • Teach your kids the value of time. Maybe your kids mow lawns for $10. Let them do the math to see how many lawns it would take to buy a $100 item. It’s a great opportunity for them to learn the value of their own time!
  • If you give your kids allowance, talk to them about saving up for things, prioritizing spending, and general money management. Letting them save up to buy themselves something will give them a boost of confidence.

How do unboxing videos benefit your family?

These videos can provide you and your kids with information on products before purchasing. They can also provide inspiration for anything from new and healthy meal ideas to organization too!If you’re looking for a new vlogging idea yourself, might we recommend unboxing a new Troomi phone?