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Why Wendy Chooses Troomi

“Troomi has been in the hands of both of my children all throughout their adolescent years when almost every single one of their friends had iPhones. Fast forward to the teen years and I now see the same kids who had unfettered access to the internet & apps with an iPhone struggling big time with mental health, boundaries around tech & relationships with their parents. Parents, do whatever you can to keep iPhones out of your kids’ hands till at least high school. If I did it, YOU can do it & with Troomi, it’s easy to get your child a phone so you can communicate with them, but make sure it’s safe & basic.”
— Wendy Snyder Owner of Fresh Start Family

More About Wendy

Wendy Snyder is a mom of two, certified parenting educator & family life coach, who inspires parents to learn & grow through connection based positive parenting strategies. As the host of The Fresh Start Family Show & Founder of FreshStartFamilyOnline.com, she helps parents ditch the threats, yelling & harsh punishments so they can live life as a joyful & confident parent (with kids that listen & cooperate great!). Families who take part in her learning & coaching programs experience radical shifts in their hearts, minds & souls – that help them to create rock solid relationships with their kids, while at the same time teaching important life lessons & helping to raise the next generation of leaders, change makers & important human souls.

Get $50 Off A Troomi phone

Use promo code: FRESHSTART