Watch Troomi in the News!

Jennifer Johnson

We have something exciting to share! Our company co-founder, Bill Brady, was interviewed on Salt Lake City news station KSL! Bill shared the mission of Troomi and how our phones can help kids to stay safe while they learn, do, and become anything.

“You can give kids a safe experience that enables them to have access to tools, to excel at school, nurture their hobbies, discover new passions, and really achieve their full potential.”

-Bill Brady, co-founder and ceo

As Bill shares in the interview, we know parents face difficult challenges when it comes to kids and phones, and at Troomi we’re here to offer solutions. We’re thrilled about this segment and that people are interested in tools that keep kids safe and empowered to follow their dreams.

You can watch the video below, and we hope you will! There are exciting things ahead.